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    Welcome to Richmond Vale

    Fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts and extinctions are telling us that we need a new economic model to protecting the planet.
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    What comes together comes best

    Alone the world changes you, together we change the world.
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    Learning by doing

    Each student and the student body, become able to act with others in the present reality.

Richmond Vale Academy, St. Vincent and the Grenadines  

Richmond Vale Academy is an educational institution with the aim to train activists from all over the world to fight global warming and global poverty where it is most needed.  


Fighting Poverty Program - 12 Months

Fighting Poverty Program - 12 Months

The Fighting Poverty program addresses poverty in a practical approach. Participants train in the Caribbean and serve poor communities in Latin America. New Poverty Fighters Start every April and October. Read more and join us for this amazing experience!. Click here to learn more

Climate Change Activist – 6 Months

Climate Change Activist – 6 Months

Learn, Teach and DO together with your team and members of the community to reach this amazing goal of making our small nation of St. Vincent and Grenadines, one of the first countries in the world to be ready for the Climate. Click here to learn more

Climate Change Activist – 1 Month

Climate Change Activist – 1 Month

Since the start in 2012, we have cleaned up 20 ton of trash from rivers and beaches, planted over 30.000 trees, set up 2 model gardens, taught in all schools on the island, produced 20 TV and Radio Programs. Click here to learn more


  • Demion, St. Vincent

    Before RVA's public awareness campaign, many Vincentians did not know what permaculture was. Dreams of getting gold in a global treelympics were farfetched and plastic bottles were an environmental menace. Organic food, GMO awareness and so on were not highly extent. Through RVA's intervention with its 2012 -2021 Climate Compliance agenda, SVG is now a different nation with a more positive environmental attitude."

  • Dr. Thompson, St. Vincent

    Here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we are attempting to become a green island, looking at energy, at the way we conserve our environment. I believe Richmond Vale Academy is one of those places where you can get the information and education and certified programs in terms of what you really need to know about helping to save this world, our planet."

  • Diana, Romania

    I am very proud to say I have been part of the greatest team there ever was. First let me welcome you to this piece of heaven we call Richmond in St. Vincent, I'm sure you love it (who wouldn't?!) and I know you will have a blast while learning and working here. I can vouch for the learning experience. I learned to never give up!"

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In Belize, one third of the population (126.000 people) lives below the poverty line. Since 2012, Richmond Vale Academy has co-operated with Humana People to People in Belize and several Development Instructors trained and supported the projects ther...
Today, 6th-grade students from Belair Government school came all the way to Richmond to visit our Campus! It is always a little adventure and a great learning experience for everyone, for the school as much as for us here at RVA! Heather gave a pres...
In the beginning ofMarch a new Climate Compliance Team started and here is one of their first movies, put together by Simon.Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgaVt6n8dgA...
Development Instructors in The Fighting with The Poor Program at Richmond Vale Academy have the opportunity to work in the the HPP Child Aid Project in Belize.  The idea with the Child Aid project is to fight poverty hand in hand with the people...
Richmond Vale Academy is "Another Kind of School" where adults gather to become enlightened and inspired, gain knowledge and become ready for action. Our school operate as a base for personal enlightenment, for general and specific knowledge such as ...
When I first heard about permaculture, I didn't really have a concept of what it was. I knew that it was something to do with the garden and producing your own food, I knew it was organic and based around sustainability, it was a little alternative a...