Richmond Vale Academy made a promise a decade ago to make St Vincent and the Grenadines “More Ready for Climate Change”. The reality of Climate EMERGENCY is that it hits you – setting you back, so you will never “Be Ready”.

Every 5 – 10 years this small island nation has suffered from extreme weather conditions like one flooding after the other, hurricanes, droughts and latest a volcanic eruption.
The only way we see ahead of us is making projects that have a Long-Term Positive Impact on the Planet and the People involved.


RVA secures involvement in projects that have a long term impact, for the planet as well as for the people involved.
Therefor, choosing a program with RVA, you will be part of some of the most impactful projects there are right now!

Ecological Farming

RVA Climate Center

Coral Restoration

Coastal Conservation

Completed Projects

Our Partners

Richmond Vale Academy partners with community based organizations, schools, farmers' groups to international development agencies and government ministries. It is surely a privilege to work with so many different people for a more just and climate compliant future.