Find your passion and get inspired.

Whichever the reason it brought you to RVA, the day you arrived there it becomes the beginning of something you will never forget.
It is as a matter of fact a great example of how life is, because however it is perfect or not, it is up to you. It is up to the way you want to look at it and the ways you could improve it. Something I learnt while I was there is that it does not exist any perfect place but any place can be perfect if you work for it.

It will also be the place where you will meet people, some like you and some different and some of those people, strangers today, are going to become your friends for life and perhaps while you spend your days there you may find your soul mate, as it happened to many people I knew there and like it actually happened to me.
There will be days you will love to be there and days you will wish not to be there, but that is life, isn’t it? Again it is up to you how you will face those challenges because you are not going to face a problem bigger than the skills you have, but you must realize this first.

It does not matter how long you stay enjoy every single second, laugh loud, pay attention, make other listen to your point of view but respect others opinions, enjoy every sunset and full moon you can, say sorry if you make a mistake and forgive when you must and make it better place before you go.

My only wish for you during your time in Richmond Vale Academy is that you find your passion and you get inspired because your passions will become your dreams and the inspiration will push you to make them true.
The day you arrive to RVA it is one of those dates you will always remember, mine was a 1st of November of 2009.

Maxi Ruti, Argentina

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