You need to keep in mind that you will live in a community and not for yourself.

You are up to start a new phase on your lives because after participating at this program you will never be the same.

It is necessary and very good to do something value to this beautiful world and this is what we do at RVA. Here you will have the opportunity to make the difference on your life , others life and on the planet too ( it is a drop of water on the ocean but the ocean is made by drops of water). The planet is waiting for good people like you. Thank you for have come.

The place is wonderful but keep in mind that you came here to work. A volunteer job requires the same if not more dedication as a normal job.

For things go well you need to keep in mind that you will live in a community and not for yourself . The basic things to keep the place running well depends on everybody and your cooperation is crucial. Here we are a team and which one of you are vital for this team. You will not compete with nobody but you will only add with others. So don't hesitate on say things that you think because of shame or language barriers. Please give your contribution with your ideias, researches and hard work. You will be surprised with yourself.

You will have a lot of good time. Good activities during the work time and on your free time.You will learn a lot of things about the country and your people.

I can say for myself that i lived here one of the most precious time of my life. I met here people from different part of the world, different cultures and all of them were important to me because i learned with each of them many things and i can say that i give to them many things as well.

There is not a single day since i left from st Vincent that i don't remember the time that i lived here and i am so happy when i see some of the ideas that we discussed here turning on reality.

I would like to congratulate all of you for have taken the decision to let your life behind for some time and take part of this special group.

Wish you can have a good and productive time and I hope to see the result of your job on the coming months.

I am sure, just like me, you will feel part of RVA for the rest of your lives.

A special thanks for the teachers, with their dedication and competence, this program is turning in a reality.

So let's work Team !!

Pioneer Team March 2012

PS: I will share with you the video that i earned in my birthday at RVA. It shows exactly what my team and I lived here.


Give all of yourself. And, ENJOY the journey.

When asked to write a letter to you about my experience at RVA the idea filled me with joy, though I had no idea what I would write. I am Jessica. I was part of the August 2007 team. The second team in Saint Vincent. After 6 months at RVA we went to Africa.

What can I say?
Living 6 months far from everything with 27 strangers is always a unique experience. I still remember our weekly meetings; "There's never enough food, people don't clean enough, fund raising is impossible, don't agree with this, or that... " hahaha

There are challenging moments. Moments where you may feel you aren't really doing anything to help, you aren't doing enough, you aren't making anything better. But, I tell you, YOU ARE. Everything you do at RVA is developing you, not only as a volunteer, but as a person.
The relationships you create there will form a part of your forever. Even if after RVA you don't see your team mates again or you don't speak to them again- you still carry them with you. I remember my team mates laughs, smiles, the way they moved.

And the people in Saint Vincent and Africa (or South America), you will never forget each other. You give them your heart, and you receive a bit of their love. You will not create images of poor and down ridden, it will be images of hope, possibility, and friendship. There will be lonely moments. Moments you want to leave. Moments you want to cry. Moments you want to scream. Moments you feel lost. We all face this.
When these feeling come, give them space. Feel them. Let them be your teacher. What is that uncertainty saying? What can you do to give more of you? If you can let doubt bring confidence and restlessness lead to strength, you will truly learn what I learned (and am sill learning).

My time at Richmond Vale Academy was the best time of my life. It's a time to do the impossible, to step out of your comfort zone, to change (not the world, but) YOURSELF! 7 years later my life is amazing and I have done some incredible things, each day continues to be an adventure, but the foundation is the time I spent at RVA.

In 2009 I returned to RVA to work as a volunteer. The team was different. The project was different. But, the spirit was the same. I instantly felt at home. Again, I worked side by side with some of the most beautiful souls I've ever known. RVA attracts like-minded amazing people. Take advantage. Learn all you can. Give all of yourself. And, ENJOY the journey.
A big hug,


One month with the RVA program changed my life.
My name is Diogo and I'm 33 years old. I am Brazilian, publicist and musician. For 7 years I worked in communications agencies in the city of Belo Horizonte. There was a lot of pressure to meet deadlines and often I stopped off to work too late (05:00 a.m). Then I realized that I needed to stop and rethink my life.

A friend told me about volunteer works. Bingo! That was what I needed: a new place, learning a little English, meet people from different countries (later I saw that it was much more than that).

In 2013 I went to do the RVA program of 1 month. And that was enough to change my life. There I met and fell in love with Saint Vincent. And I would like advise to students: is important to know all people and every place of the country. Listen to their problems in order to develop a good project in RVA.

Today, back to Brazil, I began a new life and I'm much happier. I study pedagogy and created a social project in a female prison. In the prision we create and record music from RAP. This transformation would not be possible without the experience I had in RVA.

Good luck to all. Welcome to RVA.