What is Charisma?

What is Charisma?

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We like to share with you another appetizer from the fascinating studies in the 18 months Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder Program. This week's topis is from the subject Leadership Intelligence. This subject contains topics like Leadership, The Brain, Building Charisma and Charismatic People.

Enjoy and please just write to me if you have any question in regards to One World University, the overall program or the specific curriculum elements.

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Stina Herberg Director Richmond Vale Academy Module: Leadership Intelligence Section: Building Charisma Title: What is Charisma Wording: The task is for you to consider what charisma is, why it is worth building charisma, what personal skills you would need to train and finally to make out a plan for yourself.

People can be charismatic in many different ways

Often the understanding of charisma is that it is something a person either has or does NOT have – and then there is nothing more to do.

We do not agree in this way of looking at charisma. We find that each of us can build our own charisma and that we can decide how we want to do it. There is no final answer on how, each of us can use our natural talents, our enthusiasm, abilities, energy, body and soul, in short, all of it.

There are people who use their charisma to gain power to control other people. Some politicians in the international scene possess this type of charisma. This can be dangerous if people are misled by the convincing words and ways of a charismatic but mean spirited person.

When we talk about charisma here we define it in the positive way meaning a person that uses his personal charisma to serve and embrace people around him. Building charisma is important because it develops your personality and personal skills on many levels.

On the other hand we need also to consider the relationship between charisma and conformity. You will meet texts that talk about charisma only in the context of harmony while holding up as an ideal, a type of cooperation where conflicts do not exist. You may consider whether charismatic people can move things and people and create change without understanding and taking on conflicts.

Charisma can include skills like emotional balance, social skills, good team player, creativity, having humour, empathy towards others, ability to touch the hearts and minds of other people, leadership skills, being a fighter ect.

Building Charisma through Public Speaking

So enjoy your time with this module studying and training different elements that can increase your charisma!

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