“Voice, Opinion, Idea, Decision”


We all have the right to speak, but it’s not everyone’s personality to voice out, especially in front of a group. The more audience there is, the higher chance we will receive critique. Therefore some people opt to keep their voice in their mind instead of saying it out loud. It often happens in social media, or a company meeting with your boss, and for me now in Richmond Vale Academy (RVA). In other words – it happens when you say something and people are actually listening. Opinion cannot be wrong, but you can disagree with me. This is what a teacher in RVA said to me. Opinion represents one’s stand, one’s interest, and one’s voice. There is no right or wrong about expressing, but only if people accept the opinion or disagree.

However, we may mistakenly cover our ears when we hear a different opinion or an unpleasant opinion that will harm our interest. Don’t forget it is always better to voice these opinions than to have no one express at all and it is better with different opinions because it drives us to think from different angles.

With different opinions, we start to think further and we also start to give ideas if we want to get the thing done. Sometimes solutions provide us a more efficient way, eventually. Either way, we will have to try an idea to know if it works or not.

Similar to opinion, there is no right or wrong idea. It depends on how we get things done. As long as we can finish the project it means the idea is working. If we are spending less cost (time & financially) while achieving the same level of result, we call it a better idea.

After voicing our opinion and putting our idea on the table, we need to decide how we actually work on it. A decision can be made upon a common will or by higher authority.

We meet with this a lot in our daily lives; with family, hanging out with friends, working, etc. As long as we are communicating with someone, we always have to make decision.

This is a big topic living in a community in RVA. From who is in the kitchen on Sunday, what we are going to eat, what should we do in the coming week as a team, which documentary we will watch for the night, to which neighborhood should we visit to execute our project. Sometimes it’s the matter of a team of 8, sometimes it’s the common interest of the community which we bring up in the common meeting of 30 people. It is nearly impossible to have a decision that makes everyone happy.

Some decisions are made by the majority, which means there is a minority that disagrees with it. It doesn’t mean the minority is wrong about this but it is just that more people agree with that particular opinion or idea. Nevertheless, if a decision is made by higher authority, we still need to keep our curiosity to think about whether it’s the best option or not and make it better if we can.

Living in RVA gives me a chance to have a closer look in these topics. Probably it’s the reason why humans have conflicts. We can study it on an international level or a community level. Once again there is no right or wrong in conclusion, and I may never have one. So my answer is very simple: Be open minded.

By Casey

Remember, we all have opinions and two people can think differently than each other. So do not fight about different opinions. Open your mind, accept them and build something better with them. Finally, as always you are invited to share this article with your friends. And do not forget to write a comment.

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