Fair-of-flair The Fair of Flair in Chateaubelair.

Traveling has been vastly popular for centuries now. No doubt about it. However now with climate change and global warming as a hot topic people are becoming more and more aware of the impact their travel habits can have on the place they visit.
And now is the start of the term Ecotourism. It is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustain the well-being of the local people. As a traveler this means to minimize physical, social, behavioural and psychological impacts.
As travelers we should have the compassion and interest to support local people with their art, food and traditional ways of expressing themselves. Local products in some cases may be more expensive. However it is authentic and one of a kind. Not mass produced in sweatshops in China or Bangladesh
Ecotourism is built around the awareness and respect for the environment and culture. For many tourists when arriving at a new destination there is a tight schedule with all the pit stops that the tour guides have decided. Usually the guides make arrangements with the big brands, and then, there is no time for buying local products.

As an example, last Saturday there was a special event happening in Chateaubelair called “The Fair of Flair in Chateaubelair”. It was meant to bring awareness and interest to buy local crafts, vegetables and food. A private sailboat tour came with a tourist group from Germany. Walked straight past the fair and into a minibus to the next destination without even throwing the Fair a sideway glance. This halters many local people in selling their art to tourists who would in many cases pay double and even triple the price in “tourist stores” and this way increase the local people’s capacity and employment opportunities. This gives local communities around the world the ability to stand up and fight poverty and achieve sustainable development.

Tourist ecotourism is about having a more enriched personal experience. By interacting with local and indigenous people. Then, it creates awareness that people face on a daily basis. It can be economic, environmental or cultural.
This type of tourism can bring you closer and deeper into nature and connect with the environment on a different level.

For example people can be hiking in Norway. And snorkelling in Australia or take cooking classes in Thailand. Then, the local people have to encourage this type of tourism. The nature and culture is being respected and the impact is minimal.

By Lili

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