The damage after Storm Matthews

By Lily

In St. Vincent there was a tropical storm not too long ago and the damage has been severe with landslides, power cuts and water shortages in several villages. So, from 28-29 September, St. Vincent experienced heavy rainfall. And extreme wind from the tropical Storm Matthews. That affected the whole eastern Caribbean. The whole island there has been effected. 

Some hospitals reported that there was power cuts and water shortage due tenon-functioning as the generator was out. Then, many people on the East side of the island have lost everything and for several days lived in shelters. So, the reason most people lost their homes are due to flooding and landslides. Then, this makes it more difficult for NEMO to clear the roads. So, deliver emergency help, such as water. And food and shelter where necessary.

The schools was closed for 2 days. And people were advised to stay indoors as well as off the roads. Then, sadly one person died during the storm matthews. Even though it has been several weeks since the storm matthews. And the effects are still visible. Here at Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) we are conscious about the effects that global warming and climate change have on a small developing country in the Caribbean. Because extreme weather happens more frequent and with more fierce effects and damage. Then, in many cases it is difficult enough for a developing country to build itself up on a social. And economic and global scale. So, now there is a storm to recover from as well.  Photo Credit: Daily Mail

As the rain keeps falling, the ground gets wetter and wetter because there is only so much water that the ground can soak up. Then, when this happens the soil runs off creating landslides. And just outside our school we see the effects clearly considering there is a big hole in the ground. And leading to the river down in the valley. Soil erosion happens naturally. However human activities, such as agricultural practices. Deforestation. Infrastructure and climate change. Then, soil erosion have increased by 10-40 times the rate of soil erosion is occurring globally. However it is important to know that we can always do something to prevent it from happening. One of the most effective ways to prevent soil erosion is to have vegetation on land. Planting trees. Which will bind the soil together with its roots and keep the soil in one place. Then, traditional planting methods. Meaning mixed- cropping and crop rotation instead of mono cropping. Then, have shown to have a significant positive impact on the soil.  It is important for countries such as St. Vincent to be prepared for climate change and the effects this will have for the future of this beautiful country. And It is also important for people to know what the causes as well the extensive damages climate change and global warming might have on your country. And how you can most effectively deal with these problems.  Remember as always. To share this article in your social networks. And do not forget to leave a comment. Also, if you want to know more about the damage that storm Matthew left. So, we invite you to consult the links below.

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