Moringa-Nursery Our Moringa nursery

10,000 trees, that's our goal.

The November Climate Compliance Team aims for propagating 10,000 trees—in the nursery that we are building—and for planting at least 3,000 trees ourselves, hopefully even more!

There are a variety of trees on our list. For example, coconut, papaya, pandanus, avocado, soursop, etc. Regarding the last flood caused by the unusual amount of rain in the last weeks, the team decided on planting more vetiver grass than we originally planned. It has very deep roots and prevents erosion so that landslides are less likely to happen.

We started collecting saplings from a mango tree and replanted them in planting bags. Unfortunately we didn't have enough bags, so we had to come up with solutions like normal plastic bags with holes in them. These plants were a lot more likely to die than the ones in the planting bags. We also started collecting seeds from the fruits we were eating at breakfast: papaya, avocado, and soursop.

Most of the seeds are already planted in trays or cups with holes in them.

We need space for the trees while nursing them, so we started building more tables for our trees. We cut the steel, drilled holes, screwed the steel together and put them in the holes; we dug in the ground beforehand so the tables would be stable. We haven’t put on the tabletops yet, but it will look like the tables that have already been built–a little angled, so the water is able to flow off the table and will not drown the trees.

Regarding the future, we want to build more tables, build an irrigation system in the greenhouse with the tables so the plants get enough water, and plant the trees with the communities in North Leeward.

The nursery is not just meant for the November Climate Compliance Team but also for following teams will benefit from it. They will be planting the rest of the trees that our team will propagate since not all trees will be ready to plant when our team leaves.

The nursery will play an essential role in the project of the November Team and will smooth the way for the next team.