Once in a Lifetime

Martin with the kids The project I participated in was Child Aid Celica.

Six months in Ecuador - Once in a lifetime experience!

The second part of my program as a volunteer was one of the best things that could come to my life. It literally changed my life in many aspects, it helped me to understand many issues related to poverty. The period in Ecuador lasted six months from October 2013 until end of March 2014. The opportunity to be a volunteer is a once-in- a-lifetime experience that allows you to use all your knowledge in practice, the opportunity to meet new people, the opportunity to share your culture as well as learn a lot about the new one, to learn new skills, to come across a new lifestyle, to discover a lot about yourself, you will be able to reflect on your own values, and the most important aspect of being a volunteer is to help other people!

The project I participated in was Child Aid Celica.

Celica is a small village up in the south of Ecuador very close to Peruvian boarders. In the village and in all the communities I was working in, everyone was friendly and they accepted me with open arms. The Child Aid project is a very broad program in which the whole family is involved in and many various activities are carried out in order to improve the quality of life of the family as well as the whole community. During the six months period I was involved in many different task which included almost 1500 families. I was teaching English, working with organic gardens, preparing hygiene manuals for families, teaching about healthy nutrition, organizing different variety of events and many more activities. And of course everything was in Spanish.

Richmond Vale Academy along with Humana People to People Ecuador helped me to bring my volunteering dream to reality. When I found the Fighting with the Poor project I immediately knew that I want to be part of it. Humana People to People Ecuador supported my creativity throughout my entire six months and gave me free hands to carry out my own ideas. HPPE is not only an organisation with which you can volunteer with, HPPE is also a place where you can find great friends not only for the volunteering time, but for even longer.

I can assure anybody who decides to take part in FWTP program and progresses through to Ecuador will have an excellent experience, an unforgettable time which will for sure change your life.

Martin Zvolensky

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