Do what you can to make a difference!

Do what you can to make a difference!

In this past year I have been studying and learning about the causes of poverty and what I can do to make this world a better place.

I think is possible to change the world, we can change our world!

There are many places, people can help in our own countries; there are many organizations that are trying to make a difference but they need people who want to work and see a change like "If you want something well done you have to do it your self". There are many ways and ideas of how you can help but everything comes down to do what is NEEDED. You can start little with your neighborhood in your city or you can go and travel and participate with different organizations. I have been a volunteer almost all my life, my parents were missionaries and since I was a child I was there to help my brother or sister when needed. I remember thinking as a child and wondering why more people didn't participate in helping.

Why? We all want a better world for ourselves and our children so why don't more people participate in changing the world to the one we want!

You only need to take the decision that you want to help, it can be big or small, it doesn’t matter. Just be more aware of the situation of your neighbor and the world that you live in. We can all do simple things that are easy right? Why don’t we do it?

There are people in your community that need your help, just go and help them out. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to help if in this moment it is not possible, just do what you can but help to make this world a better place.

  Here are some ideas that you can take into consideration:

  • Stop producing a lot of trash
  • Save water
  • Recycle
  • Try your best to stop using so many fossil fuels
  • Teach younger generations to respect each other and the world that we live in
  • Have a healthy consumerism, don’t just buy because you want to but because you need to
  • Eat healthy be healthy - if you are healthy you will take better decisions
  • Stop buying from brands that are making damage to our world

Don’t be OK with poverty we need to fight poverty. Poverty are many things, we need more education! Go and help thet family you know and teach them yourself; do we need more jobs? Then provide the job, provide things for others don’t wait for the government or organization to do it - make it possible yourself.

The list could go on and on how we can help, stop waiting for the perfect circumstances for you to help, just do it!

During my time in Ecuador as a Development Instructor my own family had a problem, many times I thought: how am I going to help them? My family was going through a crisis.

And there were times that I wanted to give up and go back and just finish with the program, but every day that I had bad moments my decisions was, I will go a litter farther and then let's see what happens. At the end of the day I would come back with more motivation and peace and with a healthier mindset to deal with my own problems. You see helping others helps you, every time I took the decision to keep going and stop thinking of my own problems and focus on how I could help others helped me. It was not easy of course, and I’m not saying to ignore your problems but just do what you can and do your best.

Just do what you can is possible, we all have many things to offer we can all be development instructors in our communities we can all give a little time of our life to support a noble cause and we can all start today taking better decisions that we know harm the environment and other people.

Magdalena Estrada Lopez, Mexico

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