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jesper-diving-instructor-richmondvale-diving-center Jesper is a diving instructor at Richmond Vale Diving Center

When you join a program at Richmond Vale Academy it is possible to become a certified Diver. We started to engage in protection and conservation efforts in 2015 by investing in a Diving Center. 

Shortly after we trained an instructor and the second instructor is in the process of being certified.
We started to learn about the importance of marine biodiversity and the corals and then linked it all to Global Warming and Climate Change; we wanted to do much more to protect our coastal line and the marine wildlife.

We carried out several hunts to reduce the number of lion fish which is an invasive specie threatening the health of our reefs. We also initiated the Richmond Vale Coastal Conservation Project planting coastal trees such as mangroves to protect against sea level rise. Our diving center is thriving and more than 100 certifications have already been issued in Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and Dive Master.

Over a period of three years we have also mapped out a number of diving sites in North Leeward and visit these sites frequently.

With these experiences and basic knowledge we are now ready to engage in more marine activities and over the next two years we will work together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, The Forestry Department and Ministry of Tourism Parks and Beaches's Authority to carry out further conservation projects to protect our islands against sea level rise, protect the corals and marine biodiversity.

Watch Vanessa on her very first Dive: 

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Please let us know if you have any questions how to become a diver.

Kind regards Jesper Friis, teacher and diving instructor

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