Impressions on St. Vincent

Impressions on St. Vincent

By Karolina

St. Vincent, the place about whitch I have been dreaming for a long time

I am in the place about whitch I have been dreaming for a long time (without even knowing that it exists). One might wonder why St. Vincent is so special. To begin with, the nature here is just breathtaking. No matter where you turn, you are always surrounded by mountains. It has been two months since we arrived, and I cannot get enough of the view. Vegetation is incredibly rich as well. The soil is so rich that if you stand on it for a while you will become taller they say. Moreover, there is a huge variety of fruits here. When one ends, others start bearing fruits.

By the way, mango season is about to start and when it starts people can survive just on mangoes. Also, coconuts are a very important part of life in St. Vincent. If you are thirsty they provide you with water, if you are hungry they fulfil you with nutritious coconut meat and et cetera.

Second off all, Vincentians are super friendly, it is even hard to describe in words how friendly they are. I really like to be around locals: they are bringing good vibes. Vincentians always greet you! Usually, after “good morning”, “good day”,  “good night” follows other sentences or invitations, for example to give a lift to town or explaining where you can find your desirable place.

Furthermore, locals are very connected and caring: they look straight in your eyes, wave at you and show interest in your cultural background while sharing their traditions. I bet I will get a reverse culture shock when I go back home…And last but not least the music. Music is everywhere you go.

One of my favorite things to do is going to Kingstown (the capital city of the island) with a van while listening to the Caribbean music: usually extremely loud and with a clear beat (very danceable).

Thus, I would call St. Vincent a friendly island by all means.  

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