Discovering the best of myself!

Discovering the best of myself!

Richmond Vale Academy is "Another Kind of School" where adults gather to become enlightened and inspired, gain knowledge and become ready for action. Our school operate as a base for personal enlightenment, for general and specific knowledge such as organic farming, global warming, climate change and as inspiration to take action and march into the Open Future.

Participants join for 1, 6 or 18 months and all are involved with The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 - 2021. The Idea of The 10 year standing action conference is that teachers, students and the people of St. Vincent make our island more Climate Compliant.

Climate Compliant means to be ready for climate change and become food, water and energy secure. Now this certainly is a challenge! With the first team in 2012, we started studying about global warming and climate change and realized the size of one of the big issues the world has ever faced.

Programs in Another Kind of School combine studies, research and actions in different periods and Three hundred students from fifty different countries already joined the program.

By now thousands of trees have been planted, tons of trash removed from beaches and streets, biogas introduced in family homes and right now we're in the middle of setting up 200 sustainable home gardens. By the end of 2018 the first 30 home gardens are implemented.

Along side these actions we have taught hundreds of lessons to thousands of people in the media, in churches, in schools and universities on the importance of becoming climate compliant. We have transformed RVA to become a center of learning organic farming, renewable energy with biogas and solar and showcasing a number of climate smart farming techniques and models.

Here is what some of the participants say about their experience in our programs:
"My experience in Richmond Vale Academy was full of growth on a personal level. I had the opportunity to discover the best of myself, and it was partly because of the program."
- Sebastian, Colombia

"I highly recommend this program, I made the best of my time and learned about as much as could be learned from the experiences that I had. I have fallen in love with St Vincent and Ecuador where I worked as a development instructor and will be returning to Ecuador to teach agroforestry and permaculture and I intend to return to St Vincent periodically to see my friends on the mountain. "
- Calvin, USA

"I learned so much about all kinds of different topics: permaculture, organic gardening, history and most of all how the world actually works today. You get as much as you put into it yourself, it's really an open environment that pushes you to step out of your comfort zone to get to know the real you. It is based on another kind of learning, where the general division of teacher - student is build up totally different, in an equal way."
- Elisabeth, Belgium

"I especially enjoyed teaching kids in schools about 2 endangered tree species to the carribean and planting these trees with the kids. Overall this has been a fantastic experience not only in the school but in the community with the local people too."
- Jenna, USA

"Living in a community, cooking and working together opened my eyes to so many things. I still see Saint Vincent, its wonderful nature, and people in my dreams…"
- Karolina, Lithuania

"The time spent at Richmond Vale was magic indeed. I love the way they are heading to self sufficiency, how setting an example can shape the way for others to follow, how they involve communities around in their actions and thus spread awareness with thousands of events, visits and conferences they organise; and last but not least how wonderful nature is and not to miss the scuba diving and discover the wonderful undersea world as well. Briefly speaking it was an eye opener and very fruitful experience filled with joy and wonderful people that I wouldn't hesitate to have over and over again."
- Vanessa, Spain

We invite you to join us for this life changing experience. Life changing for you and for the future of our planet!

Kind regards

Stina Herberg
Richmond Vale Academy


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