Development Instructors in Belize

Development-instructors-in-Belize We will make a garden together; create a product for them to sell and we will have interesting workshops.

Development Instructors Are International Volunteers.

Humana People to People Belize is glad to have the assistant of three Development Instructors; Manal Beirut from Jordan, Baha Alzain from Jordan and Lillian Harkmark Lie from Norway. Who are working with the communities of Silver Creek and San Miguel for 6 months.

Development Instructors have many ideas and give a lot of inspiration to the people they work with. While at the project the Development Instructors work shoulder to shoulder with the people. They live in the community, where they work, for the entire 6 months.

In that way, they get really close to the people and their conditions and there by also better prepared to fight the relevant, important and necessary fights together with the children and adults in those communities.


The Development Instructors Experiences After Three Months:

The Youth Group in Silver Creek is very active and interested in doing things in the community. The group is made up of 11 young and talented people who are interested in learning and doing things for their community.

Their aim and objective are to create funds for their studies or to start up a small business. The youth and Humana have together organized events such as movie nights and the open day at the primary school in Silver Creek. At the Open Day, the club sold second-hand clothes and some snacks while there were games and sports competitions happening as entertainment.

The Youth Club benefits from the Open Day and creates money for their group, and they interacted with children, women, and men in the village.

We saw a positive response and people are asking when we are having an Open Day again. We had invited families from Silver Creek and San Miguel communities to the Open Day".

With the women's group, we do workshops about family budgeting, health, and nutrition. In the family budget.

Talked about the importance of saving money as an extra income, because even though people maybe have more money it does not really matter if people cannot spend their money wisely.

This activity benefits the ladies in both communities, because it gives them a tool to use when dealing with the family finances. It can be a good way to save money for a medical emergency or school supplies. Many women whom we talked to, have absolutely no idea or interest when it comes to dealing with money, so it was a good way for them to see what they actually spend money on - on a monthly basis".

With our individual families we go to them and spend time with them to figure out their needs and their wishes. We want to help them with their needs before their wishes.

Their needs are often to create an income generating project, backyard gardens, and capacity building through workshops. When working with the families we explain to them that we are there to work with them and not for them.

We will make a garden together; create a product for them to sell and we will have interesting workshops. Some of the workshops we have done are how to make pizza and coconut oil.

However, at the primary school, we have talked about global warming, climate change, and the 3 R's. In the next two weeks some of the workshops we will do are how to make hot sauce, peanut butter, and jam.  We will talk to them about how to save seeds from their production, food security and the importance of dental hygiene.

We invited Hillside Medical Clinic for several workshops to talk about family planning, physiotherapy, testing of high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Finally, people in Silver Creek village were interested in testing themselves for diabetes and learning about how they can decrease their risk for health problems.

"It has been a few interesting first months and it will be exciting to continue working with the families and Humana".

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