Richmond Vale

Developing our Organic Garden

At Richmond Vale Academy we have our organic garden about a minute walk form the kitchen. Here we use different organic gardening methods along with implementing permaculture techniques. The garden already starts by the fence. Whenever it rains you cannot avoid having precious water and nutrients being flushed away from garden, so by growing plants all along the fence we make sure it is not going to waste. We grow gloricida, sugar cane and banana trees a meter away from the fence. They will provide some light protection form the harsh sun, and after they have given bananas we can cut them up to use in the compost nearby. The gloricida is a nitrogen fixating plants that takes nitrogen from the air and fixates it in the leaves, stem and roots. We pick the leaves and put them on our beds in order to add nitrogen to the soil, as well as creating a protecting layer from the sun, to keep moisture and hold down weeds. Crawling up along the fence we have passion fruit. When you enter the garden the first thing you see will be a circle with papaya, banana, mooring, lemon grass and more things growing on it. In the middle of the circle is a big hole we fill up with organic matter like branches and leaves, tat will eventually decompose and...
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