calvert-blog I’m so happy that I got this opportunity to go to RVA and I enjoyed it all

Calvert: I am 19 years old living in Layou and I have done a 6 months course at RVA. What we do here is to learn about Global Warming and Climate Change, about how some companies are destroying the planet – especially the fossil fuel companies.

I'm in the RVA climate change COMPLIANCE CONFERENCE TEAM and I'm going to say a bit about what I have learned here so firstly I learned about climate change and global
warming and how it is bad for us and the health of the earth that we live in, and secondly I learned about organic farming and permaculture design that we are doing for one of our
projects. If we do it really good we get a certificate based on our knowledge and design.

However climate change is when weather phenomena associated with an increase in global average temperatures. Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants.
About my time in the Home Gardens The home garden is really good because you learn a lot from it and you learn from your garden family how to do different gardening like farming and learning how the plants work together. In my first garden it was like a forest, grass and trees all around and I asked
myself, how are we going to make a garden in this back yard, so we talked for 5 min.
Then we started putting down the strings and sticks to line out the design and then dug the path way and build the first bed; it was easy because you have to take the path way
soil and put it in the bed but it was not enough soil still so we put up three bamboo sticks to support the bed and by doing it like this we could continue the design.
This garden was on a slope so we had to dig a swale at the top of the garden to keep the water from not destroying the beds and the plants; the swale also plays a really important
role in the garden because it holds the water in the soil and it moves down in the bed making the beds wet and that's good for the plants.
We also had to add mulch to the beds because it is Important for protecting the plants and the soil from drying up a fast. It keeps water in the beds and I made sure to spread it
around or over the plants to enrich or insulate the soil. However the PDC PermaCulture Design Course made it easier to put everything together and I learned a lot from the garden and the PDC and I'm so happy that I got this opportunity to go to RVA and I enjoyed it all with my friends and I have grown a lot since I joined thanks to RVA.