Anita will join the First EPONA Workshop in SVG!

Anita will join the First EPONA Workshop in SVG!

We are very happy to receive Anita in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; she will be part of the first EPONA: The Secrets of the Wild Horses, to be held at the Eco Center in February 2018. Anita is a certified Eponaquest Instructor, EAGALA Instructor, Yoga teacher, One Horse Life Teacher and a certified Health Coach.

In her 47-year long life, she has been curious about horses and how to learn from them. Attending a traditional riding school at a young age left her with many more questions than answers how to connect with these wonderful animals.

In the Stina Herberg Website, Anita said that: “The search for knowledge has not always been easy as I found that the knowledge I was searching for was not always easily accessible. It has taken me on several journeys, some far away abroad to foreign countries. There have been many incredible horse-people that has inspired me through the years, people like; Carolyn Resnick, Linda Kohanov, Anna Marciniak, Klaus F. Hempfling, Fredrik Pignon, Jean Francois Pignon, Marc Rashid, Bill Dorrance, Marjike De Jong, Karen Rolf and Alexander Nevzorov, and Stina Herberg, to mention a few.”

But at the end, the best teachers to understand horses, are of course the horses! Anita said that her horses taught her how to be strong and positive, especially after suffering from stress in both personal and professional life. Also, working in war zones and places exposed to natural disasters lead her to severe burnout and PTSD.

Anita received her Eponaquest Instructor training certification in 2015.

Anita will be one of the facilitators of the very first EPONA workshop in St. Vincent (Yurumein) from 25th of February till the 2nd of March, 2018.

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