6 Month Gap Year Opportunity in the Caribbean - An Environmental Program

6 Month Gap Year Opportunity in the Caribbean - An Environmental Program

Today, thousands of people are taking gap years all over the world; travelling for months on end, doing it with relative comfort and ease. Today, a gap year can be anywhere, for any length of time, doing anything you want. You can build an orphanage in Belize; teach English as a foreign language in Israel, trek through the Himalayas in Nepal or travel around the 'banana pancake trail' in Southeast Asia. It really is whatever you want it to be.
A gap year comes under many guises - backpacking, a career gap, a short gap (most of the times for 6 months); travelling, time out, a sabbatical - but they all mean the same thing. A gap year is constructive time out to travel in-between life stages. It usually means travelling, volunteering or working abroad. Often it means all three!

Save the Planet in a 6 month Gap Year in The Caribbean!

Climate change and global warming, are something real, and only we can do something to change that reality. If you are looking for a way to save the planet and meet new people, travel and live new experiences, then a 6 month gap year in the Caribbean is just what you need!

St Vincent and the Grenadines is one breath-taking nation made up of an island chain, part of the Windward Islands, situated on the eastern boundaries of the Caribbean Sea. This country of picturesque islands, lush jungle and golden sandy beaches is relatively unspoiled and; surprisingly, is not overrun with tourists - though it is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination.
St. Vincent, “the mainland,” is almost 18 miles long and made imposing by its seething giant, La Soufrière volcano, which last erupted in 1979. Thick banks of clouds typically shroud La Soufrière, making its peak a rare sight. Guides lead hikes that wind through the surrounding forest for a close-up view.

St. Vincent’s other natural attractions include the Falls of Baleine, spectacular cascades that are accessible only by boat when we anchor at Cumberland Bay, and the broad and verdant valleys of the Mesopotamia region, the island’s breadbasket, with rows upon rows of banana trees.
Here in st. Vincent, you can find Richmond Vale Academy, a nonprofit institution where more than 500 students from St. Vincent and around the world, have participated on their programs to reduce poverty and protect the environment!  

How is the 6 Month Environmental Program?

The Climate Change Activist Program, has the purpose that you learn and teach along with people from all over the world and contributing to create awareness, spreading the knowledge about Climate Change and Global Warming in the communities, and specific in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
The program is divided in 8 periods in which you will learn everything you need to know about climate change and how to stop it, but also, you will meet new people, you will visit the island and enjoy differents culturities activities.

Period 1: Gala Warns you – 14 days

In this period you will have studies and courses about Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, Pollution, The Oceans, Biodiversity and what we can do together to mitigate and adapt to the challenges of Climate Change.

Period 2: Digging Deeper – 14 days

In this period you will dig into the digital library and you will have your own individual organized study time. Also, there are three major themes to choose from, these include; Climate Compliance Actions for Food and Water, Climate Compliance Actions for Energy; and Climate Compliance Actions for Protection Against Global Warming and Climate Change.

Period 3: Making RVA Climate Compliant – 1 month

In this period you will prepare and do your first task in making Richmond Vale Academy more Climate Compliant. So, several projects have already been accomplished such as building a water reservoir; developing new compost system, construction a bio char kiln, planting corn and cassava, building chicken tractors and setting up a small bio gas digester.

Period 4: Making St. Vincent Climate Compliant – 2 months

In this period, from your base at Richmond Vale Academy, you will be reaching out to the island of St. Vincent and its people, sounding the warning, leading by example; mobilizing people for collective and individual actions, and throwing the anchor out into the future towards Climate Compliance for all.

Period 5, 6, 7, 8; Larger Actions, Follow Up and Evaluation – 2 months

In these periods you create projects with or for the many ordinary people lasting for an average of two weeks each. So, in the last two weeks you will summarize all your efforts; evaluate, share all your experiences with the next teams and have a great farewell celebration with all your new Vincentian friends.

Why Choose a 6 Month Environmental Program?

Becoming an activist for a better world is something that everyone have to do at least for a period in its  life. So, to step out of your regular and standardized life is not only of great social benefit, but offers so many benefits for your life. Also, this is our only planet, and it's our duty to do something to save it and to other people to save it too.

So, if you want to do a break before to go to college, or you just want to take a break from you life and actually do something, why don't you help to save the planet and live a life-changing experience?
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