6 Benefits of having an edible garden at home (INFOGRAPHIC)

6 Benefits of having an edible garden at home (INFOGRAPHIC)

Traditionally the lawn was a symbol of status in the Feudalism. Large expanses of lawn, meant that the farm had many sheep and many cattle. Americans have been obsess with lawns since the 1950s, but that way of thinking is changing. It's time to rethink and use our lawns better.

Keeping and caring for a lawn requires a staggering amount of energy. It uses a lot of water, uses valuable soil and the pesticides and petrochemicals used to fertilize the grass, filter and contaminate our groundwater.
The typical American lawn uses 10,000 gallons of supplemental water (not including rainwater) annually. This a serious problem, especially as we see more and more areas facing water shortages and droughts.

Here are some problems caused by lawn pesticides:

  1. They contaminate our water supply. A study from Virginia Tech found that most homeowners apply chemicals to their lawns in ways that pollute our drinking water.
  2. They create serious health risks for wildlife and pets. A 2013 study published in Science of the Total Environment found that dogs exposed to lawn care chemicals can have a higher risk of bladder cancer.
  3. They get into our homes and present health risks. They are correlated with increased risk of a variety of cancers, nervous system disorders, and other illnesses.
  4. Children get expose to them. Research in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that exposure to lawn pesticides can increase the risk of childhood leukemia almost 7 times.

Another serious problem with lawn maintenance is the huge amounts of harmful chemicals sprayed on them each year — about 80 million U.S. households dump 90 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides on their lawns each year, according to the U.S EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).


Plant edible gardens, not grass!

Having an orchard is a great project that has many benefits for those who undertake it. It can provide you with fresh and free food. Also, you will be sure of the origin of what you consume. If each person started a small garden in their home, the world would be very different.
Not having space is not an excuse. You can make orchards in pot, vertical orchards, and all kinds of adaptations for a small patio or balcony.
It can also happen that when there is a space, small or large, the question arises whether it is more convenient to start an orchard or to make a garden, with ornamental plants and flowers, to have a beautiful space and relaxation.
In these cases, there is an option that deserves to be taken into account: edible gardens, beautiful spaces, neat and thought with an aesthetic sense, but whose plants can be eaten!


Benefits of having an edible garden at home

The benefits of having an edible garden at home are many. But having an edible garden in the comfort of our home, is a true wonder that not only is limited to benefit our environment, but it becomes an important part of our life.


#1- Enjoy Better Tasting-Food

You may have noticed that some vegetables or herbs have different flavors in each restaurant or even at home. The answer being that most are treated in different ways to encourage their growth. This reason is one of the many reasons why with an edible garden you can discover the true flavor of vegetables. The shape, color is a different and rewarding delight. Even if you eat them directly from your garden, raw.


#2- Improve Your Family’s Health 

An edible garden at home is free of toxic chemicals. Which means that it is literally free of any element alien to its own nature. The researches found on several occasions that fruits and vegetables found in home gardens have a higher content of vitamins and minerals than those grown with the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemicals. When you have an edible garden, you are ensuring that you and your family have the best possible quality in food.
Another health benefit is that you tune your body from the moment you plant the seeds, pick the crop, crouch to pick up the bad herbs, watering, and the use of gardening tools, make your body exercise.


#3- Save Money on Groceries 

Planting your edible garden will save you money. That is something we all want to do and gardening provides. Fruits and vegetables in the market cost up to 50% or more, that is too much for a food with pesticides. We can save a few dolars on quitting buying herbs for cooking and set aside those small but expensive car trips to buy a couple of tomatoes. If you have a lot of harvest, you can freeze it and preserve it for the winter season.


#4- Increase your Family’s Spirituality

Tilling the soil, planting seeds, weeding the garden, breathing the air of our green space, seeing how it is born, how it is maintained and how life flows, helps us to improve our quality of life, makes us feel we are part of nature. That is why when we stay at certain times thinking about our garden, we can feel a peace that is ours alone. In addition to bringing the world more life.


#5- Reduce your Environmental Impact

From the moment we do not use chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, we are contributing to the fact that no element outside the water supply interferes with its natural cycle. In addition, animals are harmer by the use of chemicals. We also contribute to the soil. We help it through the earth, there is less erosion of the earth. So, when we put manure we help to its preservation. Air quality improves considerably and respiratory diseases are less frequent.


#6- Get Outdoor Exercise 

Planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting add purposeful physical activity to your day. If you have kids, they can join in, too. Be sure to lift heavy objects properly, and to stretch your tight muscles before and after strenuous activity. Gardening is also a way to relax, de-stress, center your mind, and get fresh air and sunshine.

Finally, if you are concerned about the space for an edible garden in your home. So, you can opt for the beautiful and practical vertical gardens. This is the easiest way to make your garden at home!
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