11 Reasons to become an activist Infographic

A beautiful aspect of being human is that we have the power to change things that we don’t agree with — whether it is what’s in our food, how animals are treated in captivity, or inequality between genders or races. When you begin to take action to bring awareness to the causes you care about, you become an activist in the process.

So, while the seemingly extreme actions mentioned above will definitely get you noticed, they are, by no means, essential for becoming an activist. All it takes to become an activist are passion, knowledge and the a desire to make a change.
There are so many ways in which you can be activist for a better world; options are wide and open, everywhere in the world organizations -like Richmond Vale Academy- are looking for volunteers, people that are in need of help and there are causes in abundance to fight for.

Reasons to Become an Activist 

Becoming an activist for a better world is something that everyone have to do at least for a period in its  life. To step out of your regular and standardized life is not only of great social benefit, but offers so many benefits for your life. Here are 11 reasons why you should become an activist and help in big!!


#1- Meet amazing people from all over the world

Volunteering and activist programs are often a very international experience. People from all over the world gather to create change. Sharing time with the most amazing, like-minded people from different corners of the world is one of the most valuable aspects of becoming an activist. Decide to become an activist and your friendship circle will become a global one.

#2- Gain life-changing experiences

Once you take the step to be an activist, your world will never be the same. Experiencing different cultures, different living conditions and doing actions and activities you would never do otherwise will  shape you as a person. Your horizon will be broadened and the world will become much bigger than it is now.

#3- Do something you believe in

By becoming an activist you decide to get the most out of your time. Time spent helping others, is a time that is never wasted. Many people are spending the biggest part of their lives doing things they don’t like or that lack value for others. You only live once, you only have the time you have, you better make that time count.

#4- Get away from your stressful life

Life in developing countries has a different vibe, and is far less stressful than life in rich countries. The speed, technology and consumerism of the developed world is causing too many people unnecessary stress. By becoming an activist, by doing what you like and by seeing the impact of your work a lot of the stress will disappear and you find peace.

#5- Get closer to reality, closer to nature

The rich world is an artificial one where we are surrounded by plastics and by ‘fake’ things/objects. The natural world has been erased from many people’s lives. Becoming an activist in many cases also means you will be closer to nature. The world’s poor live in a world that is dependent on the natural resources around them. It is a more natural way of life and therefore more human and more real.

#6- Live healthier

Once you decide to become an activist, many new doors will open and a whole lot of new knowledge will come your way, including living a healthy lifestyle in all its aspects. By getting away from sitting all the time in front of the computer or the television and by getting away from all the artificial junk food that is thrown at you, your body will start healing itself and you will discover a whole new meaning of the word ‘life’.

#7- Grow your capacity

Once you decide to become an activist, you will discover many hidden talents in yourself. The passion that now becomes real will motivate you more every day to expand your capacity, so you can become stronger in order to help others. Being far out of your comfort zone will make you grow at 200% rate, or more. You will unlock capacities that you didn’t believe you had.

#8- Empower people and become a leader

Automatically by becoming an activist for a better world, you will start mobilizing others to change with you. You will become an educator and you will change into a leading voice for the many! Training yourself to be a leader is an integral part of being an activist.

#9- You can change the world you live

Billions of people go hungry while others are consuming way more than they need. Rural farmers can barely survive and can use a hand, poor nations are hit the hardest by changing weather patterns and millions of orphans are left overlooked by society. These are just a few of the urging issues. You are the one who can make the change. By standing shoulder to shoulder with the poor you can unite mankind and become the change you want to see in the world.

#10- You can’t wait for politicians

You’ve seen many politicians being elected with promising campaigns but in reality nothing really fundamentally changes. Politicians don’t think much further than their election periods. Current world problems are asking for long-term views and approaches, solutions that cross over to many generations in the future. Current democratic systems don’t serve the needs of future generations. Politicians often only think until the next election. If you want to see change, you will need to create it locally and with the people.

#11- You’ll never stop being an activist

Once you decide to become an activist, you’ll be an activist all your life. You’ll never stop learning and you’ll never pass up an opportunity to share what you know. Also, you will motivate new people to join the path of being an activist. So, don't be afraid to talk to people, the worst they can do is say they’re not interested. But you may be surprised at how many are.

Becoming an activist and help to save the world, if one of the greatest things you can do in your life! and with 11 reasons we hope that you start a new chapter in your life. So, remember this awesome quote: "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.”- Dr. Seuss. 

Are you interested? You can become an activist in Richmond Vale Academy. The Climate Change Activist Program, has the purpose that you learn and teach along with people from all over the world to create awareness, spread the knowledge about Climate Change and Global Warming in the communities, and specifically in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Finally, we can only remind you to share this post with your friends, through your social networks. And if you have any questions about how you can become an activist, please leave us a comment. We will answer to you instantly!