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The Richmond Coastal Wetland is a critical area which supports the overall biodiversity of many species of fish, shellfish, birds and marine mammals.

Over the years the Richmond area, the only wetland area of this kind in St. Vincent, has been severely damaged. This is due to climate change related disasters and to people that, everyday, mine the beach for sand and gravel or cut and disrupt the freshwater flow for livelihoods.

As a result, Richmond beach has suffered from sea level rise. Mangrove estuaries and wetlands are nurseries for many species and a healthy estuary represents food security for many people. Unfortunately, other wetlands and mangrove systems in St. Vincent have been lost over a number of years.

“The main focus of this project over the next five years will be to establish a “full”, mixed species plot. The Richmond Beach Coastal Wetland area offers a possibility for long term survival and success because of the size and current existing features of the area and through the engagement of the academy. Both red and white mangroves should do well at this site, as they will benefit from the already existing mature shrubbery in the area. A number of different planting methods can be used. Both red and white seedlings can be introduced directly into the soil, as has already been done. In addition, encasement planting can also be done, using red mangrove seedlings in either bamboo or PVC tubes, closer to the water’s edge. The seedlings will need to be planted in individual, species specific transects, so that comparison monitoring can be done over time. Transect sizes will have to be varied according to species and ground conditions.” Reference - Tyrone W. Buckmire, Director, Grenada Fund for Conservation, Inc.

Understanding the importance of these ecosystems and how to preserve them is new for many people and it is important to bring this message out to the public. Lessons on biodiversity have been taught in several local schools over the past three years whilst partnering with the Lions Club, Police cooperative Credit Union, Parks Rivers and Beaches Authority and the Forestry Department.

Furthermore, planting actions are been carried out every year with the planting neem trees, fat pork, pandanas, coco nut, seagrapes, white and red mangroves and a Mangrove expert Tyrone Buckmire from Grenada has visited and advised the project twice.

After all these actions, the area has been met with more respect and care by the local community. 


Photos from Richmond Coastal Conservation Project

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10153744209796533 4541890207321569094 n
10153744210346533 3551653270816951971 n
10153744199351533 4675735212941376963 n
10153744212411533 5644363089057092943 n
10153744209681533 2978708043799332575 n
10153744217471533 6290831872340983592 n
10153744199231533 3717387800707878499 n
10153744199821533 7653730325423165233 n
10153744199496533 4939286919008370296 n
10153744212561533 5786317443455896080 n
10154307246616533 4444300421559122374 n
10154307250256533 7899820111817177439 n
10154307249991533 7148240876841842702 n
10154383228581533 5978777123822296594 n
10154722536646533 1526577120505886312 n
10154722536591533 3813814360480483043 n
10154722536801533 1483681831497520761 n
10154722537601533 2428312386674943428 n
10154722537026533 505835359831690652 n
10155212770756533 2811656518775078912 n
10155212771086533 6486729617280335872 n
10155212771241533 8827658261579694080 n
10155212770931533 5402728563814170624 n
10155212772196533 6969931842015199232 n
10155212770641533 5431449323655135232 n
10155286039666533 7288362310773506048 n
10155286039716533 5891604440347049984 n
10155286039226533 2549153555072155648 n
10155408621156533 1313091048506916864 n
10155408621336533 6308136072429699072 n
10155408621511533 2751744078637957120 n
10155408621316533 9132383210523590656 n

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