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Research and Studies

During the six months program of the Climate Compliance Conference we study and research and teachers and guest speakers hold several courses. You can expect to study from books and research, papers by scientists and laymen, the signs from observations of weather patterns, ecosystems, ocean temperatures and the atmosphere. The global temperature is rising and the climate is changing, this we know is incontrovertible.

Examples of course, study and reserach topics:

  • Biodiversity
  • Understanding the reasons for Poverty
  • Capitalism and Climate Change
  • Green Capitalism
  • People's Movements
  • Measurable Climate Change
  • Feedback loops
  • Science of ecology - the absolute basics
  • Global Warming and Climate Change and how it affects The Poor
  • The role of agriculture in Global Warming and Climate Change
  • The Planetary Boundaries
  • The oceans - a look at the world's oceans and how they are affected by Global Warming and Climate Change
  • The exploitation of Haiti
  • Soil - practical course
  • Nuclear Power is not the solution
  • Protecting against the loss of biodiversity in St. Vincent
  • St. Vincent our home and our practice area
  • GAIA seen from a third world perspective
  • The consequences of malnutrition and hunger on body and soul
  • Water scarcity worldwide - reasons and possibilities
  • Wars - the true costs and the true winners
  • Junk food out - healthy food in
  • Solar energy: what is it, its potential, and its limitations
  • The role of the oil industry in the state of the world


Videos: Research and Studies

Chemicals that are killing us – (Dr. Reynold Murray)

HAIROUNA, Land of the Blessed Teaser #1

Land Use Issues. RRACC Video 3

Yurumein (Homeland) - New Day Films - Anthropology - Human Rights

Events that crippled the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines

Building Forest Resilience. RRACC Video 10

Maurice Bishop, Grenada and Revolutionary Lessons for #BlackLivesMatter

Hon. Camillo Gonsalves - Sustainable Development in SVG.

The Stream - The price of slavery in the Caribbean



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