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Teachers and students from the Academy present the lessons from The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference in several countries and to hundreds of people in Universities, Events and Conferences.

Here you can download an example of a presentation:
Use Mass Events to promote participation (8.4MB)

The RVA Climate Compliance Conference has been honored to deliver presentations at:

  • The OECS with the RRACC project in the Climate Change Conference in Kingstown August 2014.
  • The SVG Country Conference on “Promoting a culture of safety; Building resilience to disasters and stimulating Sustainable Development” (UWI West Indies, SVG Red Cross Society, NEMO) March 2015.
  • The OECS Symposium “Communicating Climate Change Issues” in St. Kitts, June 2015.
  • PACES Promoting Access to Renewable Energy in Quetelles November 2015.
  • World Food Day in Bethel High School “The Climate is Changing, Food and agriculture must too”, October 2016.
  • Energy Unit Ministry of National Security Seminar “Combating Climate Change through Sustainable Energy” at the Methodist Hall (CARICOM/PACES/GEF Initiative), December 2016

You are welcome to contact us to book a speaker.

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"The Richmond Vale Academy story and the commitment to climate change and poverty reduction is always an inspiration. Our students enjoy learning about the practical examples of action-oriented projects in aspects like renewable energy, food sovereignty, permaculture and organic farming. Several students were persuaded to join Richmond Vale Academy to be a part of this commitment and they have benefited a great deal from the experience." Leon-C. Malan. Professor of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Colby-Sawyer College, New Hampshire, USA

"Stina gave an awe-inspiring presentation, demonstrating how sustainability is socially and economically viable. What has been accomplished at Academy in regards to sustainability is groundbreaking." Annie Napier, Teacher, Horticulture Center, Oklahoma State University, USA

"Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. I found your comments regarding the focus of your Academy especially intriguing" Owen Bovell, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Guyana

“The work of your Academy is important, innovative and accurate." Glora Grooscors, Dean, Faculty of International Relations Universidad Autonoma de Centro America

"The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference offers a practical approach how to mobilize the many ordinary people to take actions to adapt to the challenges of global warming and climate change."  Morten Chr. Malaeen, Professor, Dr. ing. Dean, Telemark University College, Norway

"We found this lecture very interesting and it emphasized on the need to look into practical solutions for a more sustainable future. We look forward to follow the 10 year standing action conference." Aage Lesjø, Headmaster, Vinstra VG School, Norway

"The interesting and engaging lecture that addressed; sustainability, renewable energy, organic farming and public awareness are important topics for our students. Your refreshing approach to tackle these problems in St. Vincent was very inspiring." Prof. Dr. Stephan Dietrich, University of Applied Sciences, Germany

"During the inspiring presentation, experiences were shared mobilizing the community of St. Vincent, as well as the international community, donor organizations and governments to make the whole island of St. Vincent climate compliant in terms of carbon neutrality, food security and preparation for climate change."  Office of International Relations, EARTH University, Costa Rica


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