Emergency Releaf

“I once again express our appreciation to you and your volunteers for your significant contribution to our pipeline reconstruction efforts in North Leeward.” – Garth Saunders, Head of CWSA/SWMU

Torrential Rains from a trough system caused flooding, landslides and damage to housing and infrastructure in St Vincent on the 24th of December 2013. The landslides caused massive damage, the airport closed, many towns and cities were flooded, hundreds of people lost their homes and some their lives. The disaster was declared a level two disaster by the Government.
Landslides damaged the water pipelines and 50,000 people were without public water. The Climate Compliance Conference and everyone at Richmond Vale Academy worked tirelessly to help restore the water pipelines in North Leeward together with CWSA – Central Water and Sewage Authority. This was a big and challenging task. Other efforts were aimed at helping several families dig mud out of their broken houses, assist them in finding their belongings, and help move them back into their homes. The Climate Compliance Conference put in 600 volunteer hours in the weeks after the disaster.
As a student in the conference you need to be prepared to do whatever is needed when disaster strikes. We are in the world’s most disaster prone area and we will do what it takes to support our community when it is needed. This is in fact a privilege, to be able to help where and when it is most needed.

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