Remember that whatever you want to do depends on you.

This is Susana from La Paz, Bolivia.

I would like to tell you that you will have many surprises and above all an intensive time of life with positive and no so positive things, things that will give you the opportunity to know new reactions about yourself and improve positively your attitudes every time. After a short while, all of you will be like a family, and then is important to have an open dialogue and cooperation based on HARD work, which is a big value when you work as a "team". This includes in the small things of life as when your team mate is tired and you can help maybe washing a cup or giving some good ideas.

Remember that everyone is an emotional human then try to think about empathy and what would like to receive if you would be in the position of your team mate. We know that every one of us is different, and from my 'personal' experience, as Susana, I can say that I enjoyed every moment during the training. In SVG (which I consider my second country) and also in Mozambique, I received good experiences for make challenges to the community.

Remember that whatever you want to do depends on you, do not wait for the system,if you want something then make it work!. Possibly some days you will feel like down (sad missing family or angry...) remember why you are there and make it value, for sure all this big new adventure come with big and good memories. At the same time was good for to know more about other cultures, that include learn other languages as English and Portuguese, try to practice much as you can talking with the people, watching videos, reading... asking to your friends, help and receive from others.

And read every thing you can... what you find in the library and on the Internet. Development is always a good theme for a future work. Hope soon can visit again lovely SVG and the team at Richmond (good memories and stories of every one of them during my life there ). If I can be a useful adviser or provide you some information let me know.

Boas energias desde Mocambique!!


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