Good morning, good afternoon… good night! You and I are part of those few lucky humans.

How are you? I can imagine that very well, because very few people have the chance to say “I´m living in paradise” ... You and I are part of those few lucky humans.

My name is Marian Aramayo (Nita), I am a Bolivian psychologist, who decided some years ago to be part of the Richmond Vale Academy programs, in order to get the chance to work as a volunteers in Malawi – Africa.

I must admit that from day one, my aim was always to get to Africa and work there with and for the people and the continent that had inspired my lifestyle (volunteerism and development cooperation), so as you can imagine going to St Vincent was just a way to reach my African goal.

Not long after arriving to St Vincent, I realized that Richmond and the island were more than just a way to get to know Africa, but a way to get to know myself. All the Richmond experience allowed me get to know my most beautiful qualities and confront my most scaring “demons” while living an experience that taught me a lot about simplicity, humility, effort, loneliness, commitment, teamwork, nature, respect for life, etc.

Richmond's experience is not based on qualifications or certificates, Richmond´s experience can´t be evaluated with numbers. St Vincent and Richmond have many things to teach you, and lessons will be different to each one of you. Therefore my advice to you (if I can give you any) would be… Open your eyes and ears, open your mind, but overall open your heart. From the morning action to the 5 minutes of loneliness shared with some crabs on the beach at sunset, because every minute and activity is shaping you, preparing you for the future, where ever you choose to live it, whatever you chose to do.

Remember to open your heart, mind and soul to yourselves, and if in any moment you need someone to talk, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the ride


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