I remember how my legs were shaking before I got on the plane.

How I had to wipe away a tear because I was so afraid of being alone a long time.
The best decision i could have made.

One year ago I decided to spend a few months on St. Vincent at Richmond Vale Academy to be active as a climate activist.
I had my graduation from high school and was looking for an adventure.
So i decided to be part of the 6 months November 2017 Climate Compliance program at Richmond Vale Academy in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


We focused on Organic Farming and Permaculture.
We created with single woman garden in their backyard so that they do not need to buy the imported stuff out of the supermarket.
It fulfilled my heart with such a pleasure to see how we created something so beautiful by only believe in our-self.

We also went to some of the schools on St. Vincent and gave lessons about climate change and the impact of our behavior on the environment.
We met amazing people on this island and learned a lot about the Caribbean culture.
I also had the chance to learn a lot about myself and as soon as i arrived back home i was much more confident.

But what i really spiritualized are 3 important things while i was part of this beautiful community :

Do not be afraid of trying new things and leaving the old behind.
Sometimes it is not enough to only wait until something really really great will happen. You are the key of everything beautiful in your life.
life is better on the `rainbow island ` and i will come back for sure!

Thanks to all the people who worked with us and made this possible.
And thanks to all the people who were part of this amazing community.


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