I grew up a lot and improved my life in a way that is beyond measure.

Hi, my name is Lucas Morais, and it´s been now 4 years since I finished my program in Richmond Vale Academy, and I have so much to say about the way that my life have changed. My time in RVA passed so fast that it was as a blink of an eye. So, for all of you who is starting the program now, the only advice that I have to give to you is: enjoy every single moment, every one, the good ones, the challenge ones, the tough ones, enjoy the people that you will meet and share you time in RVA, so, ENJOY.

I am from Brazil, i´m a teacher here, currently I teach kids with any disability (mental problems, physical problems, and others) and I also teach Educational Psychology in an University. I live in a State called Goiás, in a small city called Senador Canedo, near by Brasilia, that is the Brazilian capital.

When I started my program in RVA I as full of expectations, and even that I knew that I was ready, I did not know for what! It as almost 10 months of training before to go to Africa. In this 10 months we had a lot of studies, and practical activities, and as I said, it was challenge, hard work, but today when I remember about all of that I can clearly see the change in my life. We had some work in the garden farming and studies about that. We worked in some primary schools in Chateau, where I could meet so many great people, kids everywhere, and so much I learned there.

We had some clean activities as environmental programs, from river cleaning, to the international coastal cleaning day. Have you ever consider about how many trash people leave in the nature? A lot!! We had activities with the orphanage, and also some fundraising activities in the island and also in the other islands of SVG.

Today I can say for sure that I grew up a lot and improved my life in a way that is beyond measure. Today I think about what i´m eating, I have my own herbs garden, I think about the garbage that I produce, I think about the education in the world considering what I can do to make the difference. But most of all, I learned in RVA how to see and respect the other as human being. The culture chock that I went throw helped me to even respect my own culture.

When I went to Africa, I worked at the One World University, with the graduation for teachers program for six months, and I also faced the things that I thought I knew about life and about the world. The challenge about facing a different culture improved me as a person. The food was a challenge, the way that people see things were different of mine, and in the beginning was tough, my as I realized that my way is not the only way become able to understand what is culture.
After that I got back to RVA to the camp future period where I could share with the other my experiences in Mozambique.

I miss everything in RVA, even the hard work that helped me so much (I can see it now!!).

I said that I had only one advice to give to all of you, but considering about what I learned in RVA, I have a feel more: work hard, study a lot, respect the other, consider that your way is not the only way, give yourself to the moment, be opened to the things that is going to change in your heart, and in your mind, keep focused, and the most important advice:


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