I advise you to listen and follow only your hearts.

First, I want to thank you for the step that you are giving in benefit and well-being of the whole humanity and our planet, for his conscience and development.

My name is Jonathan Muñoz and some years ago I was in the same place that you are now, confused and disoriented by the world circumstances that were afflicting in that moment to the planet, full of illusions and with the whole indomitable spirit wanting to do of this one, a better world for all the alive beings.

I want to tell them that during these 6 months that you will be in Richmond Vale Academy you will have to face all your fears and deepest demons, you will have to learn to coexist as a real community, to think not only about you but about your team, your school, to work and look for solutions, you will want to Give up and you will judge everything, I advise you to Listen and follow only your hearts, since only they know the real way and the real circumstances that make you take this decision, forget your mind and the constant prattle of his thoughts and especially learn that as equipment you are like a chain, where each one is a link and that the force of this chain only will depend on the force of his weakly link, at the end of these 6 months, like happened to my, you will look behind convinced that, to come until the end was the best decision that you could take, this, because you will be full of real friends, satisfied for your contribution to the world his develop and with the flame of constant improvement lighting inside each of you.

You are in this moment of your lives in one of the more beautiful islands of the planet, in the Caribbean, be useful every second of this experience, just sleep the necessary and this one will be for much the best experience of your life.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world. Mahatma Ghandi”

Jonathan from Colombia

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