Making friendships that lasts a lifetime.

 Hey, to all the new teams who are so lucky to have the chance to be at RVA.

My name is Janne and I was a part of team 5. I came to St Vincent in September 2014 and finished my stay in March 2015. It is so difficult to narrow down my experiences down to a few lines. So I just wanted to wish you an amazing time at RVA. Remember to enjoy the time and the people there because when your time has come to leave you don’t want to regret anything.

 I promise that the next few weeks or months are gonna be very hard, challenging, exhausting and at times it may seem impossible but I can assure you that everything is worth the fight. Among your new experiences you will get a lot of new and worthy knowledge that you for sure will use at one point in your life, you will meet the most amazing people and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Foreign students properly will have a desire to come back to the amazing country of SVG, I at least do.

Remember when times are hard, ask yourself why you chose this place and keep moving forward.

Lots of greetings From Denmark.



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