I can not believe how much my life has changed to the right direction after taking this course.

Hello. My name is Helena, I am from Mozambique and 19 years old. I was part Richmond Vale Academy in the Climate Compliant Conference Team #6 from March - September 2014.

I can not believe how much my life has changed to the right direction after taking this course. It has guided me into knowing what I want to do. I have learnt so much that I dont think I coud have learnt in any other ordinary school or univeristy. In the Climate Compliant Course, I learnt how to live with people from different backgrounds, different ages but the same aim and heart to change the way we people treat the environment. I also learnt how to stand up for myself, how to be more of a leader instead of just a follower. How to believe more in myself, how to love myself. and most importantly I learnt so much about Gloabl warming and sustainable living. We worked a lot in the garden (organic garden). we also got a lot of tips on permaculture. We got to meet many fun, kind and amazing Vincy poeple. As they also shared their knowledge and their culture. We also had projects we worked on, we were allowed to choose ourselves in the beginning and we accomplished it all in the end.

Now more from my present life after RVA. It feels like I will always have a part of RVA with me. As my everyday routine have changed and I am more caution to what I do and how it will affect the environment. I have also a lot to teach people. And I am very lucky to have had the opportunities to give some lessons, on how to be more environmentally friendly, why be a vegetarian, permaculture, litter, etc. My passion to being green is so big. I feel like there is so much need for us to fight for our environment and there is need for people to stand up and say no to damaging our only home, before it's too late. I am Climate Compliant wherever I go and that is because of RVA. I have found what i believe in and what I want to fight for. Thank you to RVA.

I advise anyone out there to take part in this course, it doesn't matter where you come from, what job you have, how old you are, what you believe in. All that matters is we need you to help our Planet, our home and this course is truly amazing. It's an all in one. You will experience one of the Carribbean's beautiful island, meet amazing people, be productive, do something good for you, the planet, and the world. Come with the right attitude and take every day as an experince and its own journey.

To end this, I just want to say Thank you very RVA for what you do and for what you have done. I hope one day I can come back again.

Helena Veldt

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