An important part of my life.

My name is Gustavo Noles, a Venezuelan guy who decide one day like you now travel to that small island to learn and work together with people from different countries and different s ways to see the world. RVA is a place where many things get together as a new experiences, new languages, new faces and must important new acknowledge for each of those who arrive there.

My experience there was unforgettable because I arrived without speak English (ask Jesper about my first day and how I said my first words there hahaha) I found teachers who were open to give me all help I need and also I found necessary rules and frames. All those elements keep RVA running as a place to learn and work together.

I am a part of the first Gaia Team, I said in present time because I feel that it was important part in my life and together with my teammates I started this nice project in St Vincent going to schools in each village. Sometimes it wasn’t that funny go down by food at 130pm to Chato primary school but there were waiting for us kids ready for learn about 3 R’s and be part of some RVA activities. We decide to be part of Gaia Program so responsibilities came together with that.

In RVA you can find time for everything just fill inside the program then start going on with RVA family. Sometimes could be hard because each of you came from different background and different life styles but if you really want to learn and work together for something important you will do your best.

I will like to tell you few advices for you RVA life:

Every morning watch around you and enjoy being in St Vincent, in RVA with all those wonderful views, spectacular people and fresh air because after while it looks like normal and you should appreciate it. I feel happy now because I did it.
Give time to people and take time for you also. Remember it could be something new for somebody to be in charge of Kitchen budge or cleaning schedule and how handle the situation of living together with 30 or more people with 30 or more ways to think and see the situations. After some time you’ll understand or at least learn how to be tolerant with others (That is the way that should be in the world).

Learn from this program and more important learn from the others. In RVA everyone has something to teach you or is better say you have something to learn. The teachers will be there to help you and live together the RVA experiences working and learning.

Of course I couldn’t tell you all my experiences in RVA in this small letter but I can tell you that it’s something that I could do it again because of many things that I learn about people, about the world and about me also.

I will finish this letter wishing you all the best in your RVA time and sending greetings to all people with who I spend time there soon I’m sure that I’ll come back to RVA to see how is going Climate Compliance Conferences


Gustavo Noles.

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