Enjoy and live the experience, it will not be easy, but you will grow.

It's been a couple of years since I was starting my training at RVA.
Certainly was a hard road to get there, especially with all the doubts and challenges that I had to facee in my hometown, save some cash, the criticism of some friends, family concerns, opportunities I had to let go and many things. After these years I can say with certainty that enroll in this project was one of the most important decisions I've made in my life. Ultimately, this experience helped me to define myself as a professional and as a person and helped me choose my path.
Personally, I can ensure that the most important thing I learned during my stay in RVA were no issues of poverty, measurement techniques, models of intervention, or other technical issues on development . The most important thing I learned was to know me and face challenges that was not used to in my life, to know different ways of thinking , to understand a common language, to empathize with people who are in as a deep search, to really know my capabilities to work under uncommon situations and learning to live in a self-imposed exile from home because of a deep sense of following my own interests.

One of the biggest tips I can give you is to enjoy every sunrise in the island, take patiently the challenges and frustrations. During your experence there will be great questions and the answers only you may have. Use this time to found yourselfs, to read or write, laugh, play guitar, paint and enjoy the simple things in one of the most beautiful scenerios you will find. Above all, learn to listen to those who live in the academy, as they are all there for different reasons and always have something good to teach us, not always in the normal way.
Enjoy and live the experience, it will not be easy, but you will grow.

Gerardo Ibarra.

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