We were part of the big tree planting action "Moringa 10000"

My name is Fernanda Restrepo from Colombia i was part of climate compliance conference team 4 whit 4 more persons 2 from Costa Rica, one from Guyana , one from Japan and me the last past year. I just want to say welcome to RVA am sure that this experience will be one of the best for you guys, in my personal experience I learned a lot of thing not just only about global warming and climate change otherwise about how to live as a family, how to do the things as a team whit just one propose, to help and do de difference in the island.

About our projects that we did at the school, we got experience about how get advantage of the organic waste that we generate mostly in the kitchen. In my special case I made a project about worms production, is very interesting because the worms eat organic waste producing kind of compost (humus) very healthy for the soil off course whit some especial care, about the other team mates they did some projects about soap production with the used oil from the kitchen as well it was really interesting. We also worked as a team going to the communities to teach about global warming an climate change mostly with the kids. We were also part of the big planting action of moringa 10000 and we went around of the island to distribute the plants and taught about it. Finally one of our our most important project was the news letter, we wrote, fundraised and distrubuted in 5000 copies!!!

This was the most difficult project because we had to go out to do fundraising to do the newsletter, we took a lot of time to do it but at the end we achieved it was a real good job for the team.
This is just a bit of the experience in RVA I cannot tell you everything because were many things lived at the school, sometimes is difficult to be away of our country our family and the things that makes as to be in our comfort zone, but am sure that this time in RVA will make you very very strong, this will lets you know yourself, is important keep a good relation with the team leader. There will come difficult situations for sure but the most important is to find the best way to go out if it, enjoy that paradise in my opinion is the best. Enjoy the local people they are a really nice and special treasure, enjoy the beach and the tourist places, get advantage of the time there are too many things to do to go out of the routine, smile on and bring happiness to others !!!

To finish I just want to say that am so envy of you because I would like to be there, but my time finished and the most important is that am keeping in my mind all of the good memories from there, good luck and if someone would like to continue whit the worms production go ahead !!!


ENJOY this great time there

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