I worked in the Rose Hall model garden

What have I learnt? Even before arriving at the school my learning process had began.

I had heard about genetically modified organisms but had no idea what they were and how they were form.

By the first week of being at the Richmond Vale Academy my questions where answered and I learned even more, about the effects and also about climate change.

We went to a Garifuna workshop where we leant about trees and plants like the Moringa tree other plants around us, I also learnt about the different drums and beats in Belize and St Vincent. I was introduced to biochar( what is it used for, how to make it and how I can make my own in the future), we also learnt about Permaculture and seeds of permaculture and got a better understanding about what its about and how I can use it to make changes to our working area at home and at school.

We learnt about leadership what makes up a good leader and how I can better manage groups that am involve in and how to start my own. I also had the opportunity to work on the model garden at Rose Hall where we made the path bigger using tires this is to show people that the simplest things can be recycled and tires were also used to prevent soil erosion.


Evenina Daniel, St. Vincent

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