One month with the RVA program changed my life.
My name is Diogo and I'm 33 years old. I am Brazilian, publicist and musician. For 7 years I worked in communications agencies in the city of Belo Horizonte. There was a lot of pressure to meet deadlines and often I stopped off to work too late (05:00 a.m). Then I realized that I needed to stop and rethink my life.

A friend told me about volunteer works. Bingo! That was what I needed: a new place, learning a little English, meet people from different countries (later I saw that it was much more than that).

In 2013 I went to do the RVA program of 1 month. And that was enough to change my life. There I met and fell in love with Saint Vincent. And I would like advise to students: is important to know all people and every place of the country. Listen to their problems in order to develop a good project in RVA.

Today, back to Brazil, I began a new life and I'm much happier. I study pedagogy and created a social project in a female prison. In the prision we create and record music from RAP. This transformation would not be possible without the experience I had in RVA.

Good luck to all. Welcome to RVA.

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