We learned how to use recycled materials.

I recently participated in a one-month program at the school and I must say it was the best decision I’ve made.

Who would ever think that all this knowledge and excitement could actually be compacted in one month? At first the thought of it was being like an actual secondary school, but it’s so different in so many different ways … RVA aids in building your communication skills and learning how to be responsible.

During my course we participated in a lot of actions. There was never a dull moment at RVA. We conducted several GMO awareness meetings at various schools and communities. This was indeed my favorite part of the program. Before I participated in this program, I wasn’t aware of what GMO’s are and the harmful effects that surrounds it. We also took part in constructing a model garden in Rose Hall, where we learned how to use recycled materials.

At RVA I gained knowledge about healthy foods and lifestyles, which I could then apply, to myself and to others. I also had the opportunity of learning different languages from students with different nationalities.

I could prolong with the knowledge and experiences I earned in my one-month program and it’s simply amazing. My experience at RVA and the one month program was so awesome that I volunteered to return and to another month. And now I’m motivated to enroll in the 18-month program, entitled Fighting with The Poor.

I would strongly recommend all you readers to get involved in the program and experience what it’s like to be present at RVA and the knowledge you could gain in just one month I say. It will leave you wanting for more, and willing to share!

Dimitrius, St. Vincent

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