My eyes were opened to the seriousness of climate change.

I am one of many lucky persons to be given the opportunity to study at the Richmond Vale Academy in its Climate Compliance Course.

I'm happy to extend a warm welcome to you guys to our beautiful island St. Vincent and to my home away from home Richmond Vale Academy (RVA).

RVA is where my eyes were opened to the seriousness of climate change and the importance of taking good care of the place we call home; earth. There I also learned about being self sufficient by farming and other interesting methods of doing things in an eco-friendly way.

Now I'm more conscious of my environment and willing to take charge in preserving my environment. My experience at RVA was a life changing one; I learned a lot and enjoyed spending time in work and play with the RVA family. It was great socializing with other person from different regions. Enough about me.

My advice to you guys that would be starting your courses is to go with an open mind, expect learning in a new enjoyable way, with time you'll feel like RVA is home because of the love and energy that's there. Prepare to leaders in making the a better place. I trust that you would St. Vincent and RVA. Thanks for reading my letter to you. I hope to meet you guys soon. Good bye.

Carandre Fernandez

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