You just started another new chapter of your life.

I was in the first Gaia team and also participated Fighting with the poor program.

I still remember the first day I arrived in St. Vincent. For me, it did not stay just as an excitement in my mind but I tried to make something real happen with my team. We planted our hope together, We worked hard together, we harvested the result together.

Maybe it sounds easy but I have to say there were many challenges. Those challenges made me learn and grow more.

The most precious gift I got from RVA is my friends. They are not friends for just few months but for a long time until now. I appreciate a lot for meeting those people in my life. And all the experiences I had for 2 years became a great lesson for being stronger myself.

I do not know how many chapter you had before but I am sure you just started another new chapter of your life. I hope this chapter will be the most wonderful part. I wish you all the best.

Go Gaiaaaa! Bee, South Korea

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