Maintain our gardens without the use of chemicals

For the one month at I have been a student at the Richmond Vale Academy, I have learned a lot about different topics that has to do with the way we live and about the world we call home.

The course is based on both practical and theory training. The main purpose of the course is to educate the people about organic farming and the principles of the world of permaculture.
The practical training includes where we go out into the green house and learn how to maintain our gardens without the use of chemicals, only using organic materials such as Mulch, Compost, Bamboo, Cardboard, Glory Cedar branches and the list goes on. It also includes going to Rose Hall at the model garden where we are making a garden as stated from recycling materials for eg: Tires, Pallets, and old Telephone poles.

The most interesting part of practical training is where we go out into the community and taugh lessons to many people.

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