Listen to each other and be willing to compromise.

 I had a great time, and hope to offer some tips to help you enjoy your time.

I imagine now you are just meeting your new team; soon you will be comfortable with each other and so you will have disagreements. Make sure your voice is heard, both within your team and within the school. If you have an issue with something speak about it. But also listen to each other and be willing to compromise.

Also, look beyond the little problems at the school, to the bigger picture of what you are doing at RVA. Most of what you learn won't be in courses or morning assemblies. You will learn through your experiences, and many times will have to initiate the learning yourself. Pick projects that are needed, but ones you can learn from. Also, people there know a lot, but you will have to get them to teach it.

Talk to the teachers, staff, and Vincy's; find out what they know and ask them to teach you.
For example, if you want to learn more about permaculture work with Luke as often as possible. Or if you want to learn how to make jam, talk to Vereen; don't ask about salt-fish though. Finally, explore meet local folks; people there are so nice.
Many contacts you make will be helpful with your projects. Explore the island; don't be afraid of going anywhere; the only things that can hurt you are mosquitoes and jack spaniards. And get away on your own, think and learn about yourself. At RVA you can learn a lot, create awareness of environmental issues, and have lots of fun; but you will need to work at it.
Hope this is helpful.

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