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Else Marie Pedersen
Richmond Vale Academy Chateaubelair,
St Vincent and the Grenadine

WhatsApp: +1.784.492.7977

Volcano Map

We at Richmond Vale Academy also left our buildings behind and are now along with thousands of others living in the Green zone where it is safe from the Volcano. We do our activities from here and will start teams in October and November of this year

Meanwhile we are stepping in to assist in any way we can. People left their homes with only a few things, living in uncertainty when to return. The whole country is impacted because about half of evacuees moved in with relatives, so instead of having 5 people living in a small house you have up to 16 to feed and take care of.

We are asking for your donation to enable us to give urgent assistance to people, while they are waiting to move back and build up what is lost.

What we have been doing:

  • Answering phones and emails from all kinds of people asking for advice and assistance. Act accordingly to whatever is needed. Solving small issues like this can be a big stress relief.
  • Handing out cash donations to people in urgent need or go with them to the store to buy food, clothes and other items.
  • Donating money to bakeries making hundreds of breads, all delivered to shelters.
  • Supporting key community persons reaching sheltered families in need.
  • Delivering food and supplies to people in shelters that need urgent assistance.
  • Supporting with locally sourced vegetables, staples and coco nut oil to a local kitchen cooking for people in need.
  • Donating games like chess and domino to people living in shelters - Vincentians being World Champions in domino!
  • Asking teachers in shelters if they need assistance in the form of materials for the children and if we can assist in giving lessons, workshops and more.
  • Working with VSCPA and other partners to raise funds for feed to farmers in Spring Village, Coulls Hill, Rose Hall, Rose Bank, Troumaka, Petit Bordel, Chateaubelair and Fitz Hughes - more than 600 feed sacks have been delivered.
  • A donation of 30,000 pieces of clothes arriving beginning of June. This is Children’s, Men and Women’s clothes and shoes as well as towels and sheets.
  • Carrying out community clean ups with out of school youth and groups teaching why we need to protect the environment We are responding to UN's call for the environmental impact during disasters

 Everywhere we meet people – loving Vincentians who don't have much, but who are willing to support their fellow Vincentians in every way they can, giving monetary support on the spot, when we are buying games for the kids, giving a ride and so much more.

We have already received donations from a lot of people all over the world and we are very thankful for any amount we receive!

It would be a big help if you share this page on social media so we can get the word out and allow more people to get involved in helping the people in St Vincent . Thank you!!

Here you can read more about the eruption, our supporting efforts and the progress.

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