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Volcano Map

The La Soufriere, Volcano erupted on April 9th 2021 and 20.000 people had to evacuate to the southern part of St Vincent. Many had to leave their homes, farm and livelihood behind.
We at Richmond Vale Academy also left our buildings behind and are now along with thousands of others living in the Green zone where it is safe from the Volcano. We continue work with food, water and energy security and how we can be more ready and prepared for climate change and other disaster.

You can read more here: https://richmondvale.org/en/blog

We are shouldering with people in any way we can. Many people have been able to move back because the last explosive eruption was on the 22nd of April. There is a lot of ash to be removed.
You can support us in the recovery process, which includes ash removal, support to farmers and getting our own farm back in shape.

What we have been doing:

  • Supporting people in shelters with transport, food, hygiene articles and other supplies needed.
  • Activities for children.
  • Giving workshops and lessons in organic farming in shelters.
  • Supporting several key community persons reaching sheltered families in need.
  • Supporting with locally sourced vegetables, staples, cash donations and coconut oil to a local kitchen cooking for people in need.
  • Working with VSCPA and other partners to raise funds for feed to farmers in Spring Village, Coulls Hill, Rose Hall, Rose Bank, Troumaka, Petit Bordel, Richmond, Chateaubelair and Fitz Hughes - more than 40 000 lbs of feed have been delivered.
  • We managed to get a donation of 30,000 pieces of clothes arriving 3rd of June. This was Children’s, Men and Women’s clothes and shoes as well as towels and sheets. We have worked with NEMO and community leaders to distribute these clothes.
  • Distributing equine supplies such as 100 sacks of feed donated by The Caribbean Equestrian Disaster Relief Foundations.
  • Carrying out community clean ups with ‘out of school’ youth and groups, teaching why we need to protect the environment We are responding to UN's call for the environmental impact during disasters.

We have already received donations from a lot of people all over the world and we are very thankful for any amount we receive!

It would be a big help if you share this page on social media so we can get the word out and allow more people to get involved in helping the people in St Vincent . Thank you!!

Warm greetings from all of us.

Here you can read more about the eruption, our supporting efforts and the progress.

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