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    Welcome to Richmond Vale

    Fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts and extinctions are telling us that we need a new economic model to protecting the planet.
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    What comes together comes best

    Alone the world changes you, together we change the world.
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    Learning by doing

    Each student and the student body, become able to act with others in the present reality.
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    Welcome to Richmond Vale

    Fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts and extinctions are telling us that we need a new economic model to protecting the planet.
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    What comes together comes best

    Alone the world changes you, together we change the world.
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    Learning by doing

    Each student and the student body, become able to act with others in the present reality.

Richmond Vale Academy, St. Vincent and the Grenadines  

Richmond Vale Academy is an educational institution with the aim to train activists from all over the world to fight global warming and global poverty where it is most needed.  


Fighting Poverty Program - 10 Months

Fighting Poverty Program - 10 Months

The Fighting Poverty program addresses poverty in a practical approach. Participants train in the Caribbean and serve poor communities in Latin America. New Poverty Fighters Start every April and October. Read more and join us for this amazing experience!. Click here to learn more

Climate Change Activist – 6 Months

Climate Change Activist – 6 Months

Learn, Teach and DO together with your team and members of the community to reach this amazing goal of making our small nation of St. Vincent and Grenadines, one of the first countries in the world to be ready for the Climate. Click here to learn more


  • Dr. Thompson, St. Vincent

    Here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we are attempting to become a green island, looking at energy, at the way we conserve our environment. I believe Richmond Vale Academy is one of those places where you can get the information and education and certified programs in terms of what you really need to know about helping to save this world, our planet."

  • Shiyene, St. Vincent

    Community living made me feel like I belong somewhere - Also because everyone is passionate. We are conscious about how we best can help each other and the community as well. Living in RVA was good because I had to clean, going to the garden and being in the kitchen. I got to meet new people and have them teach me to acquire knowledge and competence; also teaching me how to live more sustainable. I learned a lot about biogas, climate change and gardening.

  • Demion, St. Vincent

    Before RVA's public awareness campaign, many Vincentians did not know what permaculture was. Dreams of getting gold in a global treelympics were farfetched and plastic bottles were an environmental menace. Organic food, GMO awareness and so on were not highly extent. Through RVA's intervention with its 2012 -2021 Climate Compliance agenda, SVG is now a different nation with a more positive environmental attitude."

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Small Farmers Feed the World - Pass-it-On Sustainable Home Gardens

CFLI - Growing Climate Change Adaptation Capacity in St. Vincent

The Pass-It-On Sustainable Home Garden and how to make one!

Ecological Farming with the PDC Course 2020 - UK Friends of MCT

RVA Ecological Farming Model Garden

Mangrove Planting - St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Yes here you go:

General Health: Please let us know prior to the course if you have any medical conditions, physical limitations or dietary restrictions.

Personal Care: If you take medicine or vitamins on a regular basis, make sure to bring
enough for the duration of the program.

Passport: You need a travel Passport that is valid for 6 months after the end of your stay in St. Vincent.

For the 12 months Fighting With the Poor Team
High School Diploma: You need to bring a copy of your high school certificate, accompanied by an official English translation. When applying for a visa for Ecuador or Belize you might be asked to show an official Police Clearance Certificate.

Visa: Money for visa extensions. After 1 or 3 months, your visa can be extended for 3 months at a time. The price of this is XCD 25.00 (USD 10.00) each time.
If you are European you will receive 3 months visa on entry (except for British). You will receive a letter to use when passing through the immigration in St. Vincent.

Clothes and other things – check how much luggage you can bring:

Bed Sheets and pillow case • Lightweight raincoat • Strong outdoor shoes • Sports clothes • Flip-flops (XCD 20.00 to buy in SVG) • Light long sleeved t-shirts • Thin jacket for chilly nights • Lightweight trousers for working outside • Swimwear and towel • Shorts and tops • Insect repellant and anti-itch cream • Sunscreen • Toiletries • Electric adapter for St. Vincent - a universal will do
(Normally a British outlet)

Bring clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and dried out by the sun.

Optional, but great to bring:

Musical instruments • Snorkeling gear • Games
Soccer, hand balls or any other kind of balls – maybe explain your cause and try to get them donated from a sports store
Yoga mat if you practice yoga or want to start – XCD 34.00 in SVG

If your luggage should get lost… bring essentials in your cabin luggage. It usually takes up to a week to get it back; but you will need to make some calls to speed up the process.

St. Vincent is hot, sunny and humid. Therefore it’s best to bring lightweight clothing as
well as clothing that can protect you from the sun. Long sleeved tops and light trousers
are advised. The climate also brings mosquitoes and other insects, therefore long sleeves and long pants are advisable to protect against insect bites.

Life is very sweaty here, so it’s good to have a few changes of clothing with you, as you’ll probably want to change clothes quite often. There are laundry facilities on the premises as well as detergent all included.


Money and Supplies: You will need some money for personal items such as stamps,
shampoo, toothpaste, snacks, souvenirs, etc. It is advisable to withdraw money from the ATM in the airport as the nearest ATM is 1 hour’s drive from RVA. You also need to pay for the taxi and they always prefer local Caribbean dollars.

School Materials: You will need some materials for your studies such as notebooks and pens.

Garden work: Bring 2 pairs of working gloves.

Personal Computer: It is advised to bring your laptop as research is made on the computer.

Most of the daily supplies can be bought in Kingstown, the capital of St. Vincent. However, it takes a one and a half hour’s drive to reach Kingstown so it is advised to bring your items from home for the first month.



Hi everyone at RVA and all the Vincentians I worked with. It is been a while, life went on, there is not a single week I am not thinking of St Vincent. The reason I took so long to send a letter is because I have quit using social media for at least ...
Pat has been part of the Richmond Vale Academy tree planting process. He has received some assistance from time to time since 2015 to establish his own orchard on his 3.6 acre farm, on which he grows a variety of trees, some of which are for commerci...
Chatoyer Garden's ecological farm is located up Maloney, nestled high up in the lush, verdant mountains of Vermont. Named after Chief Joseph Chatoyer, the National hero of St. Vincent and the Grenadines; honored for his resistance against the colonia...
“Permaculture is an ethical design science that mimics nature to supply all our human needs, whilst benefiting the environment,” Geof Lawton.  Permaculture is an evolution of consciousness, a journey that improves not only our relationship ...
“The experience was wonderful. I got to learn a lot from the inmates while at the same time they also learnt from me. I gained a lot of respect and trust from them during my time there. They became like family because we interacted while learning at ...
The government of St Vincent and Grenadines has committed itself to ensuring the country is food secure during the difficult period of handling the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.The country has experienced food security challenges which are...