World Environment Day 2016

world environment dayWe celebrate World Enviroment Day every year on June 5th. This event, which is organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), seeks to raise global awareness and positive environmental actions to protect planet Earth. Such is its impact that the United Nations consider it the most important day to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

A little peek at history

World Environment Day came to be on June 5th, 1974. Since then, it has become a global platform for public outreach which spans over 100 countries.

Furthermore, WED serves as a catalyst for progress towards an environmentally sound society. It is the "People's Day" for doing something to help the planet; as well as becoming an agent of change. Finally, the World Environment Day fosters millions of different initiatives at the national and global level; as well as solo and group actions —everyone is free to choose.


world environment dayFor this World Environment Day, we chose to plant trees to combat climate change and protect the environment.

On June 5th the members of Richmond Vale Academy hopped on the school truck and took a ride to Petit Borden. A local rugby group had invited us to partake in a Tree Planting activity they had organized. Once at the event, we planted around 50 different local tree species. Among them were seedlings of mango, tamarind, guava and coconut trees.

Why do we celebrate World Environment Day in Saint Vincent?

world environment dayWED holds a special importance for the Saint Vincent community; because Vincentians have had to endure the shocking effects of climate change in recent years.

This year, the Word Environment Day celebrations focused on fighting a problem that is very real to Vincentians: soil erosion. We started at the beach —where the river meets the ocean— and worked our way up the river. We planted mostly coconut trees because these trees are good to hold the soil and protect the river bank.


To the Rugby team of Petite Bordel who spearheaded this action along with representatives from the Forestry Department and other villagers. It is always inspiring when people come together to protect our beautiful island environment.

world environment day

For more information on soil erosion in St. Vincent, please check Ammon's article on farming in St. Vincent. Also, if this World Environment Day moved you to try and do something to fight global warming and climate change, check out our Climate Change Activist Program.
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