Wonderland Indeed (Bio Diversity)


By Vanessa Lindersvold.
Climate Activist 2016.



I have no words to describe such an amazing experience since long ago I always wanted to do something like that, but I just thought it was expensive and I left it for a future moment. as we use to do with many things in our life. 

We use to do that with many things in our life. Then you realize your life purchasing stuff that you can´t even remember and let your money (and your time with it). Running out of your hands for something that just bring you a fast trivial sense of happiness that flew away after the next shopping experience. Everything aiming to destroy this awesome planet we live in and that we should protect.

One-third of the deep coral reefs have disappeared already. Deep reefs are carbonated structures and its presence favors a high diversity around as they are many different marine organisms. Corals prevent beach erosion, capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and fix it in their skeletons. This process makes reef sites permanent sequestration of atmospheric carbon, thus, allows the stability of different ecosystems as well, loosing the corals therefore is causing disturbances in the natural balance of nature.

Unfortunately it's loss is largely anthropogenic. So let´s bring more experiences to our life and less products, which will pollute in one way or another and vanish into the oblivion. 

Make thoughtful choices and learn about the amazing world you are part of.

This is an experience that I know for sure I will remember the rest of my life - this is priceless. Today I discovered a new world, an unknown and unbelievably beautiful world under the ocean.

When I thought about diving I was mostly thinking about seeing beautiful and big fish down there, nevertheless I saw much more than that, I saw a whole world full of super bright colorful houses which were alive, I saw a world of new delightfull creatures that make you wonder how many colors have we actually seen in our lives.

The most amazing shapes never seen before, I saw mandala everywhere. I just wanted to remain there a few more minutes, in. Just to process what I witnessed; I couldn´t believe my own eyes, really. The time just flew so fast that by the instant we came back I felt that I just discovered a totally new world non existent for me before that I just wanted to explore. 

I could stay there hours staring at every little thing. When we emerged to prepare our way back I felt so full of emotions that make me just wanting to shout and jump all over, it was such a pleasant and childish feeling of discovering a new passion that brings you thousand of emotions you can´t explain. It was like a natural drug doing it's effect in my body and entrancing me in the desire of coming again down there as often as possible.

Be ready to experience a real addiction which will not let you be indifferent, but that you will always remember with a huge smile on your face.

Let´s buy experiences that we will never forget, let´s make our time meaningful. Totally, highly recommended. Thanks so much Richmond Vale Academy, One of the few top best experiences in my life!

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