Why do an Erasmus program in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Front-erasmus-turkey-lithuania Erasmus+ Volunteers in Richmond Vale Academy from Turkey and Lithuania!
People coming from Europe have a very unique opportunity to see how the developed world is impacting on developing countries, particularly small island nations like Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

This can clearly be seen in Saint Vincent because there is such a huge change in the climate and all across the country we can see the devastation that this is having. Volunteers on the climate program are then able to understand more about why it is so important to mitigate climate change in their own countries to reduce the effect what is happening across the globe. This program allows them to develop practical skills, logic and reasoning in relation to climate change and sustainability that they may not be able to access in their home countries.

It is possible to see the negative impacts of how importing food and culture makes the poor people poorer and it is possible to learn how to make a positive change. The drastic health problems that are now prevalent here in Saint Vincent can be seen in many of the developing countries around the world. Often this is caused by poor diet and now RVA gives people a chance to learn how to implement food security for families here, but using a structure that can be replicated around the world by following basic principles.

Taking time out of your own country provides a deeper level of perspective because we cannot change until we know that we need to change. RVA allows people to realize what is truly important and having people coming from across the world allows the message to spread further. Now these Volunteers will gain a practical and working knowledge that they can use to make a difference. Understanding that development is about working together with people, helping people to help themselves is the very crucial point that we learn here. There are many places you can go and learn a skill, many places you can go and volunteer, but there are not many places where you can learn and make a massive impact on the lives of others like you can here.

Furthermore, living and working in a community allows you to develop on a personal level because you learn to gain control over our thought processes, share and create friendships with people that otherwise you may not have spent the time getting to know. 

Care for community is a big part of getting things done around the world and living at RVA definitely teaches you to be part of community and help wherever it is needed. As social beings, it is important for us to learn how to work with others and nowhere in the world that I have been has helped me move as far forward with myself as I have at Richmond Vale Academy.

Heather Cumberland
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