Viola's Creative Home Garden in Petit Bordel

featured-IMG_0570 Working in a small space, with little soil and many constraints can spark a lot of creativity

Working in a small space, with little soil and many constraints can spark a lot of creativity. I had been wanting to grow my own vegetables for a long time, but I felt restricted by my little backyard. When the students visited me for the first time, I showed them all my containers filled with herbs to make seasoning, Aloe Vera that I use as body lotion to keep a beautiful and soft skin, I even had a couple tires in which I grew Chives and Ginger. About a year later, as you walk through the little alley, you will be surprised by the amount of green in the tiny space between the shop and the house! The space is tiny, but used to its maximum. The beds leave just enough space to walk through and take care of the plants, not a square inch is wasted! Vertical structures are climbing on the walls covered in beans and cucumbers. Under them the lettuce, kale and other pak-choy make a great cover for the ground. "As we are in the heart of the village, there are not many places where to get mulch from. But I don't like to see any bare, dry soil. 

One day as I was walking on the beach (which is literally just 5 steps behind the house), I found a lot of seaweed, it sparked an idea in my head. I looked up on the internet and found out that sea weed is great for mulch, you just need to wash it to remove the excess salt! I was so excited and started using it since then, it works really well!" And this is not all! Viola's garden has many more ingenious and creative features! My banana circle is located at the back, surrounded by concrete. This didn't stop me! "Since I can't plant anything in the concrete, I'm just going to let pumpkin run all over it!" and there she goes, planting pumpkins in the banana circle and colonizing the otherwise lost space! Last month was extremely dry and I couldn't just sit and watch my plants dye. So I went on youtube again and found a creative way to reuse the many plastic bottles from my shop. I pinched a few holes in the bottom of the bottles, planted them in the beds and filled them with water. They slowly released the water and kept the soil moist until the rain came back. "What a satisfaction to see that all of my plants were still green despite the lack of rain! It was a very uplifting experience, I love my garden. Here used to be an "ugly space" without meaning to me, now it's a highly productive, beautiful lush green space, I didn't think this was even possible! It makes me so happy!" I had some pipes that I didn't use here in the back, so I just made a sort of arch to let my passion fruits run on, it might not look beautiful now, but when it will be covered in green and bearing fruits, it will be amazing! I get really excited about trying new things and always improving my garden.

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