Vincentians urged to sign up for courses at RVA

stvincent-urgens-to-sign-up-RVA STUDENTS WHO recently completed the one month Climate Change Compliance course, (from left) Jamie Huggins, Romana Rainer and Nicola Wynne

Students at the Richmond Vale Academy are encouraging Vincentians to sign up for courses that will teach them how to live sustainable lives and create forms of employment. Three students from abroad visited SEARCHLIGHT recently to speak about their experience from being a part of the one-month version of the Climate Compliance course. Nicola Wynne, a student from the United Kingdom said that the course is very useful and packed with practical and theoretical knowledge. "It's really important to get as many persons from St Vincent doing the course as possible. At the moment, the people who come in are a lot of Europeans and stuff, there is a good mix, but I think it's important to get people from the island coming," she said.

Wynne said that Vincentians can benefit from "how to be sustainable basically so you don't need to be paying those prices that supermarkets ask for sometimes, and you get away from chemicals and fertilisers…" The one-month Climate Compliance course is a shortened version of six-month and 10-month courses also offered at the academy. And it helps to fulfil the overall goal of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Climate Compliance Conference, which began in 2012 and aims to have a climate compliant country by 2021. Another student, Romana Rainier said that the course opens up future possibilities for its students and gives "ideas what one can do to live in a sustainable way".

"We focused on gardening"We focused on gardeningand kind of foodsecurity as well, how tomake food, how to plantand make gardens andwe focused on organicgardening, so it was reallyinteresting to learn newtechniques and gardenand to meet new peoplewas very nice and weexchanged a lot of knowledgeand it was reallynice," Rainier, who is fromAustria, told SEARCHLIGHT.And the course is notjust for farmers, but anyoneinterested in sustainabledevelopment.Jamie Huggins, a memberof the St Kitts and NevisDefense Force said thathe was a part of the coursedue to sponsorship thatwas available for personsfrom St Kitts to attend.Like his other classmates,Williams also hadgood reviews about thecourse.

"One of the main things,"One of the main things,there's a big issue aboutclimate change, how it'saffecting us, the ocean, theanimals and everything sothe concept is really aboutbringing awareness to thecommunity, the world andto show them how to mitigateand adapt to climatechange," McKeefer Davis,one of the teachers in thecourse said, highlightingthe benefits of being a partof the course.

He also encouragedHe also encouragedVincentians to researchand try to be a part of thecourse, which offers acertificate at the end.And he said that it wasaccessible at no cost toVincentians as well, asthere are scholarshipsavailable.In the one-monthcourse, students are engagedin theoretical learningin the classroom beforebranching out to the school garden where theyschool garden where theypractice organic farmingand permaculture andthen ultimately ventureout into the surroundingcommunities to engage inmore practical exercises.Persons interested inbeing a part of the coursesoffered at Richmond ValeAcademy can visit thewebsite at 

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